The real “werewolf” event in history, 113 people died in three years, no one does not hate it!

The real “werewolf” event in history, 113 people died in three years, no one does not hate it!

Any person’s body structure and organs are the same, so face-to-face, it will not feel terrible, if suddenly there is a werewolf standing in front of human, it is bound to cause a panic. In folk stories, there are many legends about werewolves. The appearance of werewolves is almost the same as that of ordinary people. However, every night when the moon is full, they will lose their senses and become a beast.

Since ancient times, the discussion of werewolf has never stopped. Once there was a mysterious monster in France, which looks very similar to werewolf. It is the gewodang monster. Many people think it’s just a rumor, but many witnesses did see this monster. In 1964, when a woman was grazing, she saw a ferocious beast rush out of the forest. It looks like a wolf, but it has sharp claws and teeth, and even has a very long tail. At first, he was about to attack this woman. Fortunately, he was scared away by the cattle, but he didn’t come back It’s just a simple start to think about it. The real “werewolf” event in history, 113 people died in three years, no one does not hate it!

On June 30 of the same year, another victim, also a woman, appeared. She was killed in her own farm and died miserably. After understanding, she learned that she was attacked by the gewodang monster. Since then, there have been more and more news about the gewodang monster attacking human beings. Human beings are eager to drive him away and record its features.

According to the records in the book, when a monster is more aggressive than a wolf, it can make use of its own physical advantages when fighting. It is very fierce and gives off a pungent smell. When it identifies its target, it will do its best. Between 1764 and 1767, it attacked more than 200 people successively, resulting in 113 deaths. Seeing so many people lost their lives, the local people hated it very much, so they sent professional troops to kill it. Because of its fast running speed, it was difficult to kill it.

On June 19, 1967, a hunter claimed that he killed it with a silver bullet and recorded a lot of data. At the beginning, many people didn’t believe it. Unexpectedly, after a long time, the monster didn’t appear again, and human beings finally recovered. After the end of this incident, some people speculated that it might be a werewolf, others thought that it was a hybrid of wolf and other animals, and that the gewodang monster was a mysterious existence. These claims have not been fully confirmed, and human beings can only keep guessing.

Since entering modern times, we have rarely heard about the legend of werewolf. Whether it really exists or not is an unsolved mystery. There are many areas in the world worth exploring, and everyone should face it with a positive attitude. Do you think the legendary werewolf really exists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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