The reason why humans have brains is not that they have been ordered by aliens, but that they have eaten this plant?

The reason why humans have brains is not that they have been ordered by aliens, but that they have eaten this plant?

After everyone is born, there will always be unknown people and things, all knowledge is from scratch. Facing the things we don’t understand, human beings are like curious babies, constantly searching with strong curiosity. Over the years, human beings have devoted themselves to the study of the outer space of the ocean, making countless efforts and sweat. In the process of the development of human civilization, we have experienced too much bitterness. All this is not out of thin air, but the achievements that human beings have achieved through one step at a time, which is worth praising.

How was the human brain born?

In order to explore the origin of life, human beings speed up the pace and never slack off. The most obvious distinction between humans and animals is the brain. The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It gives human intelligence and has independent consciousness. Many people have always thought that the reason why human beings have high intelligence is that they have been instructed by alien civilization. If it is the alien civilization that has ordered human beings, why hasn’t it even seen the body shadow so far? The reason why humans have brains is not that they have been ordered by aliens, but that they have eaten this plant?

Since the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of many high technologies has brought new answers. Perhaps the brain has nothing to do with alien civilization, but the ancestors of human beings ate a kind of hallucinogenic mushroom to open a new way of evolution. Why do you say that? What is this kind of hallucinogenic mushroom? Many people find it hard to believe when they hear this. In essence, it’s much easier to find hallucinogenic mushrooms than alien civilizations.

Is hallucinogenic mushroom the main reason for brain development?

Millions of years ago, there were huge families on earth, including fungi, carnivores, herbivores and so on. They are all part of nature. In order to protect themselves, many fungi have evolved different skills. This kind of hallucinogenic mushroom will release toxins. Once a creature gets close to it, it will instantly hallucinate. There is a great possibility that our ancestors ate this kind of hallucinogenic mushroom. At that time, in the era of material scarcity, the ancestors had to worry about food and clothing all the time. At that time, they all ate wild fruits and mushrooms. Due to lack of experience, it was common to eat hallucinogenic mushrooms by mistake.

After eating this poisonous mushroom by mistake, you will have hallucinations within a few hours, change your mood differently, and even see the virtual image. To a certain extent, it has stimulated the development of the brain. If it is used in this way for a long time, the human brain will begin to evolve. The evolution process will be accelerated by the stimulation of this toxin. There are great differences between human ancestors and primates. Eating this hallucinogenic mushroom provides important conditions for its brain development. After this statement was put forward, many people questioned it.

Nowadays, hallucinogenic mushrooms have rarely appeared, which has brought countless inspirations to human beings. If we can eat these mushrooms for a long time, we may be able to evolve the same IQ as Einstein’s brain. Unfortunately, this kind of mushroom has disappeared. It remains to be studied whether it contributed to the development of human brain to the bottom. How do you think the human brain evolved? You can leave a message for interaction.

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