The reason why the quantum field is mysterious is not because of the high-end technology, but because of it

With the development of modern science and technology, breaking through the quantum field has become an urgent task in the field of science. There is also a related plot in the novel “three bodies”. Only changing the proton can block the earth’s human science and technology. So the question is, under the background of rapid development of science and technology, why has the existing quantum field not been solved? Not because of its high-end technology, but because of it!

The micro quantum field has been preliminarily understood and analyzed in the social oriented film ant man, but in reality, scientists can’t go beyond this field. It’s not a mystery with public opinion, but an experiment verified in the last century – double slit experiment.

In 1807, Thomas Young first described the “double slit experiment” in the summary and publication of “lecture notes on natural philosophy”. The experiment was conducted to explore whether light is a wave or a particle. As the name suggests, the experiment is to open two slits on a partition board, and the light shines from one side to observe the light spot on the other side. The result shows that light will form a “zebra crossing” like water ripples and pass through each other from two holes The wave particle duality was found. According to the common sense, the conclusion of the experiment is over, but the problem emerges with time.

In 1961, scientists conducted an electronic double slit interference experiment, which simply means that the electrons are emitted one by one at a certain speed through the cardboard gap, and there is also a “zebra crossing” on the other side of the cardboard. According to the common sense, the electron is emitted according to the same variable, and the result should be a point. Why is it still a “zebra crossing”? Is it possible that electrons become two as they pass through the gap? In 1974, physicist Murray did the related experiment again. This time, in order to observe more carefully, he added two cameras in the gap of the cardboard, and the strange part of the experiment appeared! The experimental results have changed from “zebra crossing” to “two bars”, and the propagation of light has changed from wave to particle. Meili has carried out many experiments to control the variable, but found that the time spot without monitoring is “zebra crossing”, and the time spot with monitoring is “two bars”. The result actually depends on whether the camera exists!

The propagation of light has drawn a question mark, and scientist Murray has published the experimental results after repeated experiments: the behavior of particles is determined by human consciousness. After entering the new century, no one has given an exact answer to the increasingly complicated scientific phenomenon, but the question has emerged again. If the experimental results are determined by human consciousness, what is the real objective truth? Is it up to the individual? So does our world exist

Perhaps, this is why many physicists choose to study theology after studying truth for a long time. But if we return to the present, if the objective is really determined by the subjective, what will our world be like? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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