The recovery of vegetation after the Australian fire is a good thing. Why are scientists not happy?

Some people think that 2020 should go down in history. All kinds of natural disasters this year make us tired physically and mentally. In the second half of 2019, a mountain fire continues to burn in Australia. If it is not for a rainfall, the fire that has been burning for months will still spread. Now it’s November, and the burned vegetation is coming back to life, but scientists are not happy. Why?

The living standard of human beings is different now. The rapid development of industry has not only improved human civilization, but also accelerated the deterioration of the earth’s environment. Since entering the industrial age, the emission rate of greenhouse gases has become higher and higher, and the greenhouse effect has also intensified. Especially in the hot summer, the continuous rise of temperature is bound to cause fires. In October 2019, a small fire in Australia started a prairie fire and spread for more than four months. It was not put out until January this year.

The consequences of the fire

This fire can also be said to be unprecedented in Australia, and the consequences of forest fires are unbearable to human beings. In order to survive, human beings have to migrate to new places, but the animals living here are not so lucky. The fire directly led to hundreds of millions of animals lost their homes, and even many animals fell sharply and were on the verge of extinction.

Now the forest fire has been put out for a long time. A few months have passed. Many trees burned by the fire have revived and radiated vitality. We can also see from many photos that some trees have begun to sprout green buds and begin to reproduce the vibrant scene. It is a very beautiful picture, but scientists are very worried. This is the truth Why?

Why are scientists worried?

It turns out that scientists believe that these recovered trees will make the forest ecology unbalanced again. Why do these plants have such terrible abilities? In fact, these revived plants are called eucalyptus, also called bade trees. The reason why they are so named is that they are too unfriendly to the ecological environment. They will not only maintain the balance of the ecosystem, but also destroy the ecological environment.

Only when trees carry out photosynthesis can the Yang Qi be stabilized and the nature be maintained in a stable state. However, eucalyptus trees are very selfish. They are the first to germinate and will not give other plants the chance to grow. Their growth rate is very fast, the dense leaves will block the sun, so other trees have no way to photosynthesis, can only slowly die. In our opinion, forest fire is a disaster, but for Eucalyptus, it is a chance of rebirth.

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