The “red elves” appear many times over the earth, and 70 times will be captured in 2020. What is the truth?

The “red elves” appear many times over the earth, and 70 times will be captured in 2020. What is the truth?

In August, the European Space Agency discovered a very strange phenomenon, which makes many people think that this is the first time that human beings have discovered extraterrestrial life. It looks very similar to the red jellyfish, which is also called the red elf by the European Space Agency. This phenomenon is very difficult to see on the surface of the earth. This time, the equipment of the international space station caught it in an accident Now, what is its real identity?

Fujian warm night lamp post

At the beginning of August, a very strange phenomenon appeared in Fujian area of China, which caused hot discussion among netizens. It was like the sky suddenly shed tears. There were many bright spots falling from the sky, which seemed to connect the sky and the earth. After these photos were uploaded to the social network, it caused hot discussion.

Relevant experts have explained this phenomenon. Its professional name is warm night lamppost, which is not unusual. It has appeared before, but it has not been observed by us. This time, the phenomenon happened to be in the area where the crowd gathered, so it happened to be photographed. This is a very normal natural phenomenon. Is it the same with the rare phenomenon photographed by the European Space Agency?

The red elf phenomenon was photographed at the observatory

This picture is from the cupola Observatory of the international space station. Before that, the red elf phenomenon was also captured. This year, there have been more than 70 red elf phenomena. What are the reasons for this phenomenon? Is it really a rumored alien life? We can see from the picture that it is very similar to the red jellyfish, and there is a red light column under it, which is constantly curling.

In fact, this kind of phenomenon is very normal in nature, most of which will appear in thunderstorm weather or very bad weather. Due to the special environment of the earth this year, more red Elves will be captured. The whole process of formation is like this. This is a kind of high-altitude atmospheric discharge phenomenon caused by thunderstorm. When lightning shoots at the ground, it will disappear The release of positive energy requires opposite charges to maintain balance. This phenomenon will occur in the process of collision. When the storm is very violent and there are too many thunderbolts, the more likely it is to produce red elves.

Up to now, all the reports about the red elf are mostly monitored by the relevant Observatory or the international space station, and there is no relevant report that this phenomenon can be observed on the earth. Some experts pointed out that the frequent occurrence of red elves is not a good thing for us. Thunderstorms are also a kind of extreme weather, which is only possible under such conditions. However, this once rare phenomenon has become normal this year. In just eight months, there were 70 times of red elves, and the frequency is very high, which also shows that the earth’s ecology this year The extreme environment is becoming more and more obvious. What do you think of the red elf phenomenon?

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