The relay star of chang’e-4 mission “magpie bridge” successfully entered the mission orbit, and its mission is very important

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth, it accompanies the earth until now, the fate of the earth and the moon are closely linked. Because the rotation of the moon is the same as the revolution, it always faces the earth on one side, and there is always a mysterious veil on the back of the moon.

Only when people see the front of the moon through astronomical telescopes, and want to see the back of the moon, can they send a probe around the back of the moon. What’s the situation of the moon? There are many folk opinions about this. Since Apollo landed on the moon several times 50 years ago, human beings have never landed on the moon. Why did the United States stop landing on the moon until now? People also have a lot of speculation. Some people say that there are alien bases on the back of the moon, alien spaceships and three alien bodies. Some people also said that when the U.S. astronauts landed on the moon, they were monitored by the aliens all the way, and they were even warned by the aliens. It was because the U.S. knew this situation that it dared not continue to land on the moon.

No one knows whether these rumors about the back of the moon are true or false. As a result, the back of the United States is becoming more and more mysterious, and people need to go to the moon again to see the real situation. The mission will be completed by China’s chang’e-4 probe by the end of the year.

Chang’e-4 is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. It will land on the surface of the moon to explore the real situation on the back of the moon. By then, the mystery of the back of the moon will be revealed.

However, before the chang’e-4 probe lands on the moon, it needs to launch an interrupted satellite, otherwise the communication after the probe lands on the moon will not be reported in real time. The magpie bridge relay satellite is responsible for this communication interruption task.

The “magpie bridge” relay satellite was launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center on May 21, 2018 and entered the scheduled Earth Moon transfer orbit. On May 25, after four days of flight, “magpie bridge” successfully implemented the near moon braking and successfully entered the transfer orbit from the moon to L2. It is worth mentioning that due to the high launch accuracy of the rocket, the three orbital midway corrections originally planned to be carried out were actually carried out only once.

Magpie bridge is flying around the Lagrange L2 point of the Earth Moon, which is located on the extension line of the line between the earth and the moon, and is one of the gravitational equilibrium points of the earth and the moon. At this point, we can see the earth and the back of the moon at the same time, so we can keep in touch with the chang’e-4 lander and Rover that landed on the back of the moon all the time, and establish contact with the ground station to realize the required relay communication.

A few years ago, China planned to carry out a manned landing on the moon, but later, considering the priority of building a space station, it temporarily suspended the manned landing on the moon. Although the manned landing on the moon was suspended, China did not give up the exploration of the moon and did not give up the landing on the moon. This time, the chang’e-4 probe is equivalent to an unmanned landing on the moon and can also complete the exploration of the back of the moon.

It is believed that this year’s space exploration, China’s chang’e-4 lunar landing will become a hot spot. At the end of this year, China’s lunar landing will let people all over the world see that China’s space technology has stood up. The landing of chang’e-4 on the moon is just the beginning, and there will be a manned landing on the moon later. In the future, let the moon become the back garden of our country, mining minerals, and traveling on the moon will not be too far away. We are looking forward to this day.

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