The richest planet in the solar system is 57.1 times larger than the earth, and the ocean is full of diamonds!

If you have a gold mine on the earth, you are a very rich person, but the most precious material on the earth is not gold. There is also a rare mineral on the earth, which is diamond mine.

Diamonds are made of pure carbon. According to the observation of scientists, there are countless planets made of carbon in space, but few of them are made of liquid diamonds. Just like our solar system has a planet full of liquid diamonds.

The main reason why diamonds are so expensive is that they are very rare, and there are very few diamonds on earth. So are diamonds also very rare in the universe?

This is not necessarily the case. There are countless planets in the universe, only those you can’t think of and you can’t see.

Some planets are made entirely of metals such as iron. Some planets are just gold planets with gold everywhere. Other planets are made entirely of precious metals.

So is there a diamond planet? Scientists often find this planet in the solar system after searching and researching. We must have heard of Uranus, one of the eight planets in the solar system.

Research shows that tomorrow’s star is covered with a huge ocean of diamonds, and the rocks also contain a lot of diamonds.

However, explorers who want to dig for diamonds on Uranus need to be careful. The pressure of this diamond sea is quite high, which may be 11 million times that of the earth’s surface.

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