The rising global temperature may lead to the acceleration of the earth’s rotation, and the extreme climate will become more and more frequent

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The earth is the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. We should take good care of and protect our own home. However, with human activities, especially after entering the era of science and technology, the earth’s ecological environment is deteriorating step by step.

For the post-90s and post-00s, they have not experienced the obvious climate change in the past half century. However, for friends over 40 years old, I believe they have a deep feeling about the climate change of the earth. Take Xiaobian for example. When I was a child in primary school, it was very cold in winter. At night, it was very common for the dripping water to become ice. All the dogs in the yard were so cold that they screamed.

Xiao Bian still remembers that he had to wear thick cotton padded jacket and trousers when he went to school. Even so, he would still be too cold to stand after he arrived at school. But now winter, wear a warm underwear and shirt, outside a coat is not cold. The temperature has increased by more than 10 degrees. Take the current climate for example, it snowed in November decades ago, and the temperature at night was about minus 10 degrees. But now the night in the north is still about 0 degrees.

In the past, in summer, the highest temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius, which has made people exclaim incredible, it’s really hot. But now 30 ℃ is a very cool temperature in summer. When it’s hot, it’s generally around 40 ℃, and it can reach above 45 ℃ in a few areas. Therefore, the current climate is summer like in the oven, winter like spring.

The reason for the rising global temperature is the rising carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, which is emitted by industrial production. Although science and technology has brought great improvement and many benefits to human life, for the environment, the rapid development of science and technology has exacerbated the rapid destruction of ecology. The impact of the rising global temperature is huge. Many people may think that the rising temperature will make the ice and snow in the north and south poles melt?

In fact, the melting of ice and snow in the north and south poles is only a small part of the rising global temperature. A study led by Dr. Felix Randall of Max Planck Institute of Meteorology in Hamburg, Germany, began to use computer models to analyze the impact of ocean warming on the global water distribution in 2007. The results show that with the rapid development of global warming, the rotation of the earth will also accelerate, and the climate will worsen .

Some people may not understand how the rising global temperature can accelerate the rotation of the earth? Scientists explain that global warming brings more polar ice caps melting, icebergs entering the ocean, causing sea level rise. However, the rise of ocean temperature will lead to more water flowing from the equator to the poles, which will affect the redistribution of the earth’s mass and accelerate the earth’s rotation.

Scientists predict that in the next 200 years, the acceleration of the earth’s rotation caused by climate change will shorten the earth’s daily time by 0.12 milliseconds. Although it seems insignificant, the cumulative effect can not be ignored, and it is likely to aggravate the drastic climate change. The acceleration of the earth’s rotation will bring more energy to cyclones and hurricanes, and even intensify the movement of atmosphere and ocean currents on a large scale.

I believe you can see this from the increasing number and intensity of typhoons in recent years. Last year, we were hit by several strong typhoons. This year is the year of El Nino, and the climate change is more abnormal. Whether it is typhoons or other natural disasters, they have become more and more frequent, and the degree of damage is also increasing.

The change of atmospheric current caused by climate warming is very obvious, and atmospheric current is the most complex movement on the earth. Even with the most advanced and powerful computers, it is impossible to accurately calculate and predict its changes. Global temperature rising, the greater harm is the recovery of some uncertain ancient viruses. I believe some friends have heard that the earth has a vast area of permafrost.

These permafrost layers were formed tens of thousands of years ago. There are all kinds of ancient bacteria and viruses under the frozen land. Although they have been frozen for tens of thousands of years, it does not mean that they are completely dead. Scientists retrieved some frozen ancient bacteria from the permafrost. Through laboratory recovery technology, some ancient bacteria were successfully revived.

Since these ancient bacteria can be resurrected in the laboratory, it shows that they are not completely dead, but just fall into deep sleep due to the low ambient temperature. Once the temperature of the surrounding environment continues to rise and the permafrost wakes up, these ancient bacteria and viruses are likely to revive. Tens of thousands of years ago, ancient bacteria and viruses were super life. They were much bigger than today’s bacteria and viruses, and we are not sure whether they are harmful.

If the recovery of these ancient bacteria and viruses will cause damage to the current life system and ecosystem, it will be very bad news. It makes a lot of people think of the biochemical crisis. Life is the most mysterious and complex thing in the universe. The small influence of life level may bring great influence to the whole life system.

I once read a disaster novel. In the novel, the biological and chemical crisis broke out on the earth, which led to the extinction of 80% of human beings in the world. The main culprits of this biological and chemical crisis were ancient bacteria and viruses. They successfully recovered after the recovery of the frozen soil layer, thus infecting most of life on the earth, including human beings. Although this is only a novel situation, no one can guarantee that such a thing will not happen in the real world.

Even if the ancient bacteria and viruses in the permafrost cannot threaten human beings, the rising global temperature will still become a huge disaster in the future. Scientists are not sure what the rising global temperature will bring to the earth and human beings, but they agree that it is definitely not a good thing.

If we don’t protect the earth well now, the ecological environment of the earth may be worse than we think in hundreds of years. At that time, the earth may not be able to adapt to human survival. If human civilization wants to survive, it can only immigrate to other planets. However, with the development of hundreds of years, it is still uncertain whether human beings will be able to immigrate to other planets.

If Mars can’t be successfully transformed or subluminal flight technology hasn’t been developed in the next few hundred years, human beings may not be able to leave the earth, but can only stay on the earth and wait for the end of their destiny.

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