The road of tiger’s becoming king is not smooth and full of hardships. 50% of wild tigers can’t live to 2 years old

The earth is a living planet with rich biological systems, among which there are many kinds of animals in the animal kingdom. In the long river of history, many animals have been extinct and disappeared in the long river of history. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the damage to the environment is also very great, especially the deforestation, which makes many animals homeless and have no food The source, and finally slowly extinction.

Animals in the animal kingdom are divided into many families. If you want to say which family is more beautiful and attractive, it is undoubtedly feline. Many people like to keep cats, naturally attracted by their beautiful appearance. Who is the dominant cat? I believe many people know that it is the consideration of having the title of king of beasts.

Tiger is the largest cat in nature. It has a lot of reputation, such as “king of the forest”, “king of all animals”, “king of all animals”. It is the absolute king. However, few people know that the road of tiger becoming king is not smooth. It is not as smooth as people imagine, but full of hardships and frustrations. According to zoologists, about 50% of tigers in the wild live under two years old.

Tigers also have strong reproductive capacity. One child can produce 2-6 tigers. The newborn cub weighs about 1kg and lives in groups with its parents. The task of raising and taking care of the baby tiger is done by the mother tiger. Under normal circumstances, the mother tiger has to live with the baby tiger for about 2-3 years.

During the years of living with the tiger mother, the tiger mother prepared food for her cubs every day and taught her cubs various skills of living in the wild. When the cubs were fully capable of living in the wild, the tiger mother would be separated from the tiger baby. Many people may have said that how could 50% of the tiger’s strong animals not live to two years old? This is mainly caused by the following reasons.

1、 Mother tiger is in danger and her cubs will die if they have nothing to rely on

The environment in the wild is complex and unpredictable. Tiger, the king of beasts, is no exception, such as being injured accidentally, falling off a cliff, food poisoning, being attacked by poisonous animals such as snakes, or being attacked by poachers. Once the mother tiger is killed in an accident, the newborn tiger Bao may die.

2、 Baby tigers are eaten by other predators

In nature, although the tiger is the king of the forest and has few rivals, the little tiger is still very weak. If the mother tiger goes out to look for food and the baby tiger is found by leopard, wolf and other fierce predators, it may be eaten. This often happens in the wild animal kingdom. Therefore, the mother tiger often finds very hidden caves to live with the baby tiger, but even if the mother tiger goes out to look for food, the baby tiger will be killed In this way, sometimes some carnivores will be found, netizens can’t help but sigh: Tiger father is really irresponsible, his children don’t care.

3、 Baby tiger died of hunger and disease

Some people may think that tigers have such a strong predation ability that they should not be short of food. But in fact, it is not unusual for tigers to starve to death in nature. In the wild, any animal will encounter a food shortage. In particular, tigers have a very big appetite. An adult tiger can eat dozens of Jin of meat at a meal. A pheasant or hare can only fill the mother’s teeth. What’s more, it has no food shortage Prepare food for your group of children. If a tiger mother gives birth to six tigers at one birth, it may really worry about the tiger mother, where to find so much food for the tiger baby every year, which is the same as human beings. If a mother gives birth to triplets, quadruplets and so on, although it is a happy thing, she will be very worried in the future, and the daily milk powder money will also worry to death.

In addition to being starved to death due to food shortage, disease is also an important factor threatening tigers. Although wild tigers have strong disease resistance, they will also get sick. If they are tigers in the nature reserve, once they get sick, the staff will find them in time, and then take treatment measures. However, wild tigers can not enjoy this welfare, once they get sick, they can only get sick Get better on your own immunity.

After watching these, we also understand the hardships of tiger becoming king, and why more than half of the wild tigers do not live to 2 years old. Now the number of tigers is less and less, and the number of wild tigers is even rarer, and they may be extinct at any time. If we do not protect this beautiful cat now, maybe we can only see the style of tigers in the remaining videos in the future .

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