The robot talks unexpectedly appears the deviation, appears the human unknown code language, Hawking: has the possibility to destroy the human

There are two sides to the development of things. When it comes to artificial intelligence, everyone has different views on it. The emergence of AI makes people re understand the world and transform the world. After all, it does not only exist in science fiction movies, but also brings a lot of convenience to today’s society.

It has entered into people’s production and life, changed various ways of human beings, shocked the development of science and technology, and also felt the changes brought about by the change of times.

People are against the overdevelopment of AI, Hawking said that AI is too intelligent will make human extinction

The role of AI in human beings is obvious to all, but many people are opposed to it, and most of them keep a wait-and-see and cautious attitude towards it. Although many new things can not be accepted and widely promoted at the beginning, they still can not stop a small number of people from loving it. Among those who really support the development of AI, there are many celebrities, such as the founder of Facebook, Once the richest man in the world, Mark Zuckerberg.

The Conservatives include famous entrepreneurs, philanthropists, Elon Musk, and even a very famous person – Hawking.

Hawking’s attitude towards AI subverts people’s understanding of him. Hawking strongly resists the development of AI. He thinks that at this stage, artificial intelligence really provides convenient conditions for human production and life. However, if it is used too much, artificial intelligence will destroy the earth, and human beings will perish in the hands of AI created by themselves.

Hawking’s words caused a public outcry, which also aroused people’s thinking. His position in the field of science is self-evident, his predictability and contribution to mankind. Incomparable, so many scientists listen to Hawking’s words, and their attitude towards AI is more cautious, and ordinary people also turn their attention to the development of AI, and become a member of the Conservatives.

Thinking about the dreadful AI experiment

Zuckerberg once carried out an experimental project in Facebook. The whole experiment is very simple, that is, two kinds of robots communicate with each other and integrate into human beings, and effective negotiation is needed between the two. At this time, the engineers of Facebook brought two books, three basketballs and a hat, so that the two robots can reasonably distribute each other. After all, each item is for each machine All of them have different values. Let them choose what they think is the most useful and important thing, and persuade each other to exchange what they want with themselves.

The results are always satisfactory at the beginning. Both robots choose what they need, that is, the most important thing, and keep the bottom line. They will not exchange things they don’t need. They give up things they don’t need to each other. The conversation and manner of the two robots seem that there is nothing wrong with human beings.

After a few days of this conversation, the engineer watched the video they assigned again. Unexpectedly, there was a bug in the two robots.

The so-called bug refers to the fact that the original simple chat discourse turns into incomprehensible discourse. Moreover, these discourse seem to be a kind of code language. Only two robots can understand what this means.

What’s more terrifying is that the conversation between the two robots was very smooth and barrier free. The staff were at a loss. They had to immediately unplug the robot and interrupt the experimental project.

Later, the senior management of Facebook explained the incident on their own social networking site, which probably means that the event happened because the urban developers made unknown errors in the design process and did not predict such errors in the prediction. This may be a rare and common thing in the eyes of programmers, but it’s really frightening in the eyes of AI.


AI’s learning ability is far greater than that of the human brain. After all, once they are trained, they will become more powerful and their thinking ability will also be significantly improved. It can even be said that there is no upper limit.

Machines have no feelings, and there is no measure of moral standards. If they are out of control, it will be a disaster for human beings.

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