The satellite shot of Antarctica, red “blood snow” wantonly spread, the earth will become a “fireball”?

In many people’s minds, Antarctica has always been a sacred paradise. It is covered with ice and snow all the year round, and few people set foot on it. With the development of human civilization, the traces of civilization have spread to all corners of the world, and the negative impact of development has no escape even from Antarctica. Especially in recent years, human industrial activities are booming, and the earth’s environment is also facing a severe situation. Now global warming has become an established fact. Just a while ago, the photos taken by Chinese satellites made scientists deeply worried. Is human’s worry becoming a reality?

Is the earth bleeding?

What kind of images have our satellites captured? Who would have thought that bright red appeared in the endless white ice sheet? From satellite images, it seems that Antarctica is bleeding. Antarctica is known as the last pure land on the earth, and its temperature is tens of degrees below zero all the year round. The ecological environment of Antarctica is still very bad, but human industrial activities have also led to great changes in the Antarctic environment, and many bright red colors appear on the Antarctic glaciers. After seeing this picture, many people think that it may be that the earth is fighting against humanity in revenge, and the earth is “bleeding”.

When scientists went to Antarctica for field exploration, they found that this is not blood, just a kind of red algae. This kind of algae has existed in Nanjing for tens of thousands of years. Due to the extremely low temperature, these algae have been dormant. With the rise of global temperature, the temperature in Antarctica has begun to warm up and become a hotbed of algae. They slowly wake up, so the situation of red blood snow appears.

Is the earth going to be a fireball?

Although these algae can enable scientists to study the diversity of Antarctic ecology, this phenomenon is not a good thing, and scientists are also worried after seeing such a scene. In the face of global warming, various countries have made a series of measures to curb global warming, but even the southernmost end of the earth has not escaped the doom of rising temperature. From this, it seems that the efforts of human beings are just a drop in the bucket. Will the earth really become a fireball due to high temperature in the future? Is human civilization really coming to an end?

Although human industrial civilization is booming, scientists have been worried about the earth’s environment. The development of science itself is full of two sides. Although our economic level is developing rapidly, the earth’s environment has been irreversibly changed.

If human civilization wants to continue, what we have done is far from enough, and scientists are aware of this problem, so they turn the source of the solution to the interplanetary migration. If human beings can find the second earth, maybe we can survive for a longer time. I don’t know what you think?

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