The satellite that has been lost for 50 years suddenly appears and sends out a mysterious signal. Who is controlling it?

Williams, an amateur astronomer in Cornwall, UK, suddenly received a 237 MHz signal in December 2012. It is a weak signal, repeated every 4 seconds, but it is obvious that the signal comes from human creation. The man-made satellite, which has been lost for 50 years, suddenly “resurrected” and sent signals to the earth. Who is manipulating it?

The strange signal has attracted the attention of many radio enthusiasts. According to the confirmation of the signal, it is found that this is the les1 satellite launched by the United States in 1965. The satellite was made by MIT, but it failed to leave the circular orbit due to circuit failure. It did not stop “life activities” until 1967, and it has lost contact with the earth ever since. Why was this man-made satellite lost contact with the earth for nearly half a century discovered at the end of 2012, but suddenly sent a signal to the earth?

Since the “cold war” between the United States and the Soviet Union in the last century, human beings have begun to explore the outer space. The first country to launch satellites was 1957. Since then, more and more satellites have been filling this vast space. According to the data, there are more than 1000 satellites in outer space at present. Of course, there are many satellites that have stopped their activities, but today, half a century later, there are few Some people will reappear their “self-healing” ability. Les1 satellite sends signals to the earth to let people know its “self-healing” ability.

In 1967, les1 had stopped sending signals to the earth. Scientists concluded that there was a failure, that is, the battery was damaged. But why did it reappear and recover 50 years later?

First, because les1 is located in a circular orbit about 2800km above the ground, it is impossible to carry out artificial repair before the aircraft takes off, so this speculation is unreasonable. Since there is no human, it must be done by aliens! Although extraterrestrials have always been a mysterious existence, few people can see their true colors, but too illusory phenomenon can only be explained by them.

Williams said that when it was confirmed that aliens had repaired the les1 satellite and sent signals to earth, they came forward to deny this speculation. In his investigation, he found that les1 satellite failed again. It’s unbelievable that we lost contact with the earth because of one failure, why we are now out of contact again.

Williams gave an explanation: when les1 satellite was abandoned in 1967, it was in a state of disconnection, possibly due to power supply interruption or power shortage. Because the fault analysis given at that time was “the portable battery was damaged”. The best explanation for this analysis is that the power supply line fails and the power supply is exposed to 237 MHz due to improper action. It’s incredible that les1 can send signals to the earth again!

If aliens want to move satellites launched by human beings, they should distinguish between normal and abnormal. For them, of course, the most valuable thing is the satellites just launched by human beings into space, which can steal all the secrets of human beings. Musk specially put forward the “star chain plan”, that is, it is expected to launch 12000 satellites in space before 2024. Only in this way can the “star chain” network be valuable to aliens. Man made satellite is just for better communication, which brings us a lot of convenience. But it also has advantages and disadvantages. Will it be as “sick” as human beings, and can it cure diseases like machines?

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