The satellite, which has been lost for 50 years, suddenly sends a signal to the earth. Is it under control?

The road to explore the universe is long and dangerous. In order to conquer the sea of stars, we have launched many probes and satellites into the universe. This road is not smooth. Many probes have become space garbage wandering in the universe before they can reach the end. There is such a satellite in the history of space. It has been lost contact for 50 years, but it suddenly appears, sending a mysterious signal to the earth, causing constant controversy. Is this satellite controlled by extraterrestrial life?

Lost satellite

This satellite is the les1 satellite launched by the United States in 1965. The satellite failed in circuit, so it did not leave the circular orbit. In 1967, the satellite finally lost contact with the earth and disappeared in front of mankind. Just after everyone thought that the satellite had become a stray fragment, a British Amateur Astronomer received a mysterious signal. The signal was very weak, with a cycle of every 4 seconds. At that time, he thought that the signal should be related to human manufacturing. When he did the analysis and research, he found that this signal was sent by les1, which had disappeared for 50 years.

Since the 1960s, in order to enter the space age, human beings have stepped up their efforts, especially the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, to explore outer space. Up to now, there are about 1000 satellites in the universe monitoring the surrounding environment, including many lost satellites. Many satellites do not have the ability of self-healing, so the re emergence of this satellite has aroused strong concern in the scientific community. Is this satellite capable of self-healing, or is it controlled by mysterious forces?

Are aliens operating?

Conspiracy theorists believe that the satellite is located in an orbit 2800 kilometers away from the ground, so it is unable to repair itself before the plane takes off. Therefore, many people think that the satellite is “resurrected” again, which is likely related to aliens. Although we tried to find aliens, we all failed. Some pessimists think that there is only one kind of advanced human life in the universe. This view is very one-sided. Maybe the satellite was hijacked by aliens. After the aliens repaired the satellite, they sent a signal to the earth to prove their existence.

Naturally, scientists don’t agree with this theory. Aliens always exist far away, and we can’t be sure that this satellite is related to aliens. They believe that the reason for the satellite’s loss of connection is that the battery was damaged. Maybe there was a fault in the circuit at that time, but after several 10 years, the satellite sent out a weak signal again due to poor contact during its operation.

In this way, human intelligence is too powerful. It is with the help of these satellites and detectors that we can go further and see higher. I don’t know what you think?

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