The screw 300 million years ago has aroused heated discussion in the scientific community, which is suspected to be a legacy of prehistoric civilization

Man appeared hundreds of years ago, and the earth has a history of 4.5 billion years. Is man the first intelligent life on earth? This problem has been puzzling scientists, to say that human civilization is the only existence since the birth of the earth, perhaps a bit exaggerated.

With the continuous exploration and archaeological discovery of the earth, scientists began to have a new understanding of the earth, and realized that there may have been several generations of civilization on the earth, and these prehistoric civilizations may have experienced the same process as human beings, and may even be far beyond us in technology.

Scientists said that the evidence is not without, that is, some “antiques” found in archaeology. In recent decades, scientists have discovered many “antiques”. For example, 300 million year old pure aluminum parts were found in Russian coal seams, 400 million year old machines were inlaid on rocks, and 250000 year old pure iron weapons were discovered by American scientists.

Where did these hundreds of thousands of years or even billions of years come from? At that time, either humans had not been discovered, or humans were still in the primitive society without such advanced technology. Scientists speculated that this might be the product of prehistoric civilization.

This kind of things should not have appeared in the long history of only millions of years after the birth of human beings, and the discovery of more and more prehistoric objects makes people begin to realize that there is a developed prehistoric civilization in the history of the earth, and human beings are not the only life with advanced wisdom after the birth of the earth.

Not long ago, while searching for the remains of the Kaluga iron meteorite, scientists discovered a 300 million year old object. It’s about 2 cm long, similar to the screws used in modern building assembly machines. However, this screw appeared ten times earlier than human beings. Some scientists explained that this screw may be an ancient fossil of some organisms, but more scientists believe that it is a screw left over from historical civilization.

The discovery of the screw once again proves the possibility of the existence of ancient civilization. Maybe the prehistoric civilization of the earth has developed better than human beings now. Where will they go? Is this because of the earth disaster or because of its extinction?

If all prehistoric civilizations are really extinct, many fossils of ancient civilizations will be left on the earth. But in fact, it is not surprising that there are no fossils of prehistoric human beings on the earth now? A civilization can be developed to the level of advanced science and technology, and the population is absolutely large. Now the earth has more than 6 billion people, so the status of human beings in prehistoric civilization should not be lower than this.

Maybe we can make a bold guess: prehistoric civilization did not die out, it just left the earth. Perhaps, a long time ago, prehistoric civilization was constantly developing, technological civilization was constantly progressing, and finally formed the interstellar civilization. At this time, prehistoric civilization realized that the solar system was too poor, and there was no big development at the edge of the galaxy. Prehistoric civilization needed to go out of the solar system to further develop. Therefore, prehistoric civilization made a decision: take all human beings on earth out of the solar system and go to the center of the galaxy to seek opportunities.

Prehistoric civilization has already possessed the ability of interstellar navigation, and soon produced giant immigrant spaceships. All prehistoric human beings left the earth in immigrant spaceships and went to the center of the galaxy. Perhaps now, prehistoric civilization has long lived in the center of the galaxy, and has developed faster, and has developed from ordinary civilization to one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy.

After millions of years of birth, modern people are actually following the development track of prehistoric civilization. Now we have begun to explore the universe. Maybe in millions of years, human beings will realize that the solar system is no longer suitable for human development, and will choose to lead the whole tribe away from the solar system and toward the center of the galaxy, just like prehistoric civilization. Maybe in the future, we will be together with other people Prehistoric civilizations meet.

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