“The second earth” appears, and its water storage capacity is 100 times more than that of the earth. Scientists are excited!

Similar to the seventh part of the earth, this planet may become the second earth. There is hope for human migration!


In Hawking’s lifetime, he reminded mankind to find a second home as soon as possible, with a trace of affirmation in his words. For what Hawking said, scientists have never stopped looking for it. Taking the earth as a reference, as long as we can find a planet similar to the earth’s environment, it is possible for human beings to immigrate. After searching for so long, it still fails, which makes scientists a little frustrated .


Mars and the moon are the stars that people once focused on, because they are not far away from the earth, and they have high research value. When people really landed on these stars, they really realized how poor the internal environment is. A planet suitable for human habitation, the most basic should have water resources, atmosphere and so on. If we don’t even have these conditions, no matter how beautiful the environment is, it’s not suitable for human habitation. Similar to the seventh part of the earth, this planet may become the second earth. There is hope for human migration!


Europa has the advantages


At the critical moment, scientists have found a water rich star, Europa. Compared with Mars and the moon, Europa is quite likely to have life. Its water storage capacity is 100 times that of the earth. No matter the environment or all aspects are similar to the earth, what are the favorable conditions for Europa? Galileo discovered this planet a long time ago. Due to the limitations of science and technology at that time, he only had a rough understanding of it, but did not dig deeply.


Now Europa is back in sight. Some experts infer that there are a lot of oceans in Europa, which may breed millions of tons of creatures. It has strong support conditions. This statement was put forward and accepted by many people. Europa has water and atmosphere, which coincides with the earth. What’s most worrying now is how to get to Europa? Since the environment is so good, there may have been life for a long time. We don’t know what kind of state these lives have reached. If they are advanced civilizations, the sudden arrival of human beings may irritate them.


The earth’s current disaster


There are reasons for human beings to seek a second home. Hawking once predicted global warming, but now it has come true one by one. The Arctic temperature has broken through 38 degrees, the Antarctic frozen soil has rapidly melted, and countless ancient biological remains have reappeared. It is unexpected that today’s earth environment can no longer tolerate any slack. From all aspects, human beings should speed up the search for a second home, and all their hopes should be put on Europa. If human beings can build a spaceship with superluminal speed now, and go to Europa to have a look, maybe there will be a greater breakthrough, but unfortunately there are many limitations now.


The universe is vast, not only the earth, but also human beings. What human beings have learned is a drop in the bucket. Experts have found that Europa, with its excellent environment, although all its conditions are suitable for human survival, many problems have emerged one after another. If human beings can overcome all these problems, migration will no longer be a dream. What do you know about Europa? You can leave a message for interaction.

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