“The second earth” appears on its own initiative. If human beings want to move here, they need to meet these two conditions!

“The second earth” appears on its own initiative. If human beings want to move here, they need to meet these two conditions!


Since human beings stepped out of the earth and looked at the more distant universe, their eyes are no longer limited. After seeing the depth of the universe, some new ideas have emerged. Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. It is inevitable that they will feel lonely. In this vast universe, there are countless stars. Is there any extraterrestrial life? If so, it means that these planets have the conditions for the birth of life, can humans migrate here? These problems perplex scientists all the year round. For such a long time, human beings have never stopped searching for the second earth. From the moon to Mars and then to Venus, they have spent a lot of money, and finally achieved nothing.


According to the current level of human science and technology, it is more difficult to shuttle freely in outer space. Because of the harsh environment in outer space, the construction of spaceships requires special materials, and the physical quality of astronauts is also very high. Facing those alien galaxies that may be suitable for habitation, human beings can only look far away. So can human really only stop here? Obviously not. The reality is not as pessimistic as it seems. “The second earth” appears on its own initiative. If human beings want to move here, they need to meet these two conditions!


Mars may become the second home of mankind


There is indeed a planet in the universe suitable for the birth of life. It is Mars. At the beginning of human landing on Mars, we found that the environment on Mars was harsh, not only the temperature was high, it was desolate, even if life had been born, it might have been extinct long ago. Why did scientists conclude that Mars is suitable for human migration? The main reason is the discovery of water ice and other materials on Mars, which are necessary for the birth of life.


When the Mars Express was launched by NASA, a large amount of water ice was photographed near the north pole of Mars, with a thickness of 2km. For this reason, scientists mark some areas on the returned images. There may be a lot of liquid water in these marked areas. A shovel may be able to develop these substances. Once water ice can be found, all problems can be solved. It can not only solve the problem of water use, but also decompose oxygen and hydrogen through water. Oxygen can be used for breathing, and hydrogen can be used to provide fuel for aircraft, killing two birds with one stone.


Although the conditions for the birth of life have been found on Mars, before human beings immigrate to Mars, they still need to carry out a major transformation, which will take at least a hundred years, because when human beings land on Mars, they have to wear thick space suits. It sounds incredible to transform Mars, but it’s not impossible. Human beings have to do a good job in infrastructure first, and it’s still a long time to fly to Mars. If the spaceship is exposed to the space environment for a long time, it is a potential threat to the astronauts.


The first discovery of radiation eating fungi


Once scientists found a kind of fungus that feeds on radiation. It is Cladosporium gloeosporioides. It can not only adapt to high radiation environment, but also convert radiation into energy for aerospace. Cultivate these fungi in the spacecraft, eat all the radiation, maybe humans can survive on Mars, migration will not be a dream. Although it’s a long way to go to Mars, scientists never give up. Do you think Mars is really suitable for migration? You can leave a message for interaction.

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