The secret of the back of the moon revealed? China has taken photos, Hawking has repeatedly warned

The moon is the most familiar exoplanet for Earth people, because people can see the moon every day, and there are many beautiful legends about the moon in ancient China.

So people used to think that the moon was a beautiful place, where there was another civilization similar to that of the earth.

But scientists use astronomical glasses, did not observe the existence of civilization on the surface of the moon, confirmed that there is no legendary Moon Palace on the surface of the moon.

But people think there might be civilization on the back of the moon. Because of curiosity, people are eager to explore everything on the back of the moon. When many countries in the world were preparing to land on the moon, Hawking raised his objection.

He believes that human beings should not go to the back of the moon, because the moon is a place that human beings have not entered, and there will be many uncertain factors.

He thinks that human beings don’t know about alien civilization. If there is another civilization on the moon, then the entry of human beings will surely attract the attention of alien civilization and give aliens the opportunity to enter the earth.

If the alien civilization is stronger than the earth civilization, then when the war breaks out, human civilization will be defeated by aliens, the earth may be invaded by aliens, and human beings will be in danger of being destroyed.

In the late 1960s, the U.S. spacecraft landed on the moon for the first time. When it entered the back of the moon, it lost contact for a short time. However, in the end, the spacecraft returned to earth safely, but the U.S. never landed on the moon again.

Many people are curious about what the American spacecraft first discovered on the moon. What happened? Why don’t they go back to the moon?

Later, our spaceship also landed on the moon. While orbiting the moon, it captured unknown black objects. These findings have led people to suspect that there might be another civilization on the back of the moon.

If such a pearl exists, it may really pose a threat to the earth. It can be seen that Hawking’s prediction is not unreasonable. Human exploration of foreign planets should still focus on safety. After all, there is only one earth. Without it, mankind will face the danger of destruction.

Children, do you think there will be another civilization on the moon? Why?

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