The secret of the pyramid? Musk said the pyramids were built by aliens. What did he find?

In the process of the development of human civilization, the pyramid can be said to be a brilliant, until now it is still full of many controversies. In that era of backward technology, how was it built? Who built it? These are still unanswered. Some time ago, “rocket maniac” Musk made a statement, claiming that the pyramids were built by aliens. Is there any scientific basis for such a statement?

The existence of alien civilization has always been a mystery. In recent years, science and technology have developed rapidly. Many people believe that there are extraterrestrial life in the universe, and UFOs have appeared in the sky of many countries. Some UFO enthusiasts claim that these UFOs are actually alien spaceships. They stay over the earth for a short time and then leave. In fact, they are monitoring human actions. Perhaps a long time ago, aliens have come to the earth, some historical books have also appeared in a trace of aliens. Musk claimed that the pyramids were built by aliens. Did he find anything?

What did musk find?

Pyramids can be said to be a miracle in World Architecture. It is hard to imagine that in the era of backward science and technology, human beings can build magnificent tall buildings with their own strength. The ancient Egyptians respected life and believed that the Pharaoh would become the sun god after his death. The lion was regarded as the god beast of the sun god. Therefore, the Sphinx appeared in the pyramids. The reason why it can become the greatest building in the world is its accuracy. There was a scientist who put the perimeter at the bottom of the pyramid at twice the height, and the figure was 3.1415926. This figure is known as pi, and the mystery of PI is needless to say. If we multiply the mass of the Khufu pyramid to the 15th power of 10, we can get the same number as the weight of the earth.

Such a coincidence is really inconceivable to us. It’s very difficult to make it if we only rely on human beings. Therefore, it’s not surprising that musk would make such a remark. Although this theory has been supported by some people, it is still lack of scientific basis. If there is no evidence, it can only be a guess.

Scientists’ research

Scientists have never given up on the study of pyramids. In the past, scientists thought it took millions of workers several decades to build it. How did they stack the huge stones into the shape they are today? Scientists think they may have used the artificial channels of the Nile to carry stones.

Scientists have also found many living relics around the pyramids. There are many living objects and architectural structures in these relics. Therefore, they believe that all the buildings were built by Egyptians living here. So why do pyramids have so many coincidences? Some people think that these coincidences are accidental, while others think that these coincidences are calculated by special methods. So far, there is no accurate explanation. What do you think?

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