The seven ancient and mysterious buildings in the world are still unsolved, and few people have visited them

Some ancient architectural attractions, such as the Colosseum of ancient Rome, the great wall of China, the Taj Mahal of India and so on, maybe everyone knows. But there are also some old buildings and scenic spots that are not very famous. It is estimated that those enthusiastic tourists have never heard of them.

1、 Grand Mosque, Mali: with a history of more than 100 years, the Grand Mosque is the largest mud brick building in the world. It was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. Now, the mosque is for tourists only.

2、 India’s “moon well”: this well is located in the village of abanelli, Rajasthan, India, with a history of thousands of years. It’s 100 feet underground, like an inverted pyramid. Around 3500 steps lead to a green lake.

3、 Romanian people’s Palace: located on a hillside in the center of the city, the Grand National Assembly palace is the largest and most expensive administrative building in the world. There are 3100 rooms in total, covering an area of 330000 square meters.

4、 Mostar bridge: in the 16th century, the Mostar bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina crossed the neretwa river. In 1557, Suleiman I ordered to build the original bridge on the basis of the original wooden suspension bridge with poor stability. The construction started in 1557 and lasted for 9 years. Some related technical problems are still a mystery, so the bridge can be included in the greatest works of the time.

The bridge was rebuilt from June 7, 2001 to July 23, 2004. It was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2005. Now the most popular entertainment here is bungee jumping.

5、 Khumbaharburg, India: This is a fortress built in the 15th century, similar to the great wall of China. The castle was built on the top of the mountain at an altitude of 1100 meters and was an important military fortress in the mountains at that time. It includes more than 360 ancient Hindu temples and 32 beacon towers.

The Iranian mosque built between 1602 and 1619 is a very special building. It is one of the most gorgeous ancient mosque buildings.

Its vault and minaret are decorated with Turkish blue tiles, inlaid with exquisite Arabic patterns and various geometric figures. Because of the decoration of blue tiles, the mosque is also known as the “blue mosque”, whose fresh blue contrasts sharply with the yellow tone of the city.

6、 Fort Delaware, Pakistan: this huge square building was built in 1733. The castle is located in the desert of Pakistan, with 40. The back wall of the castle is 1500 meters round and 30 meters high. Even local residents don’t know about it, let alone tourists.

7、 Alexander I castle, Russia: this castle, known as “pestilence Castle”, is located in the Gulf of the Baltic Sea, near St. Petersburg and Cronstadt. Built on an artificial island in the mid-19th century. The castle became a laboratory for pestilence and other bacterial diseases.

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