The ship, which has been missing for eight years, appears again. The passengers’ faces remain unchanged. Where are they going?

Science has developed rapidly, but there are still many phenomena in the world that cannot be explained. Science is far from being able to explain all things. Many of the scenes that appear in science fiction movies are not expected to be performed in reality, such as time travel and time tunnel. Scientists believe that time can only move forward but not backward. If humans can find wormholes, they can realize the passage of time and space. Although this theory has been accepted by everyone, we haven’t mastered the means of time travel until now.



Event No

There has been an incredible event in history, and this event has attracted the attention of many scientists. Many conspiracy theorists claim that the time-space tunnel really exists. What’s the matter? The incident happened in the 1980s. A British ship named Haifeng was carrying six passengers across the Bermuda delta. When the ship arrived in the Bermuda delta, the ship’s signal suddenly disappeared from the radar. At that time, the government had specially organized staff to search and rescue. However, there was no strong wind on the sea, and it was normal. The ship disappeared in front of people’s eyes as if it were human evaporation. This incident is also called Haifeng incident.

Did the ship sink to the bottom of the sea after a storm before it disappeared? The official inquired the weather data of that day, which proved that there was no bad weather at that time. From the beginning of the ship, the sea was still calm. This incident is too mysterious. After searching for several months, the authorities did not find any trace, so they finally had to give up the search and rescue. This incident has become an unsolved mystery in Bermuda delta. Since then, there have been endless disappearances in Bermuda delta. Even now, many people dare not go to Bermuda delta easily.

Since the 17th century, the Bermuda delta has been known as the devil’s sea by human beings. In fact, Columbus was the first one to pass through the delta. When he passed by the Bermuda delta, he found that the sea was suddenly windy and the compass failed. Fortunately, Columbus had a lot of sailing experience. It took them a long time to control the ship and get rid of the storm. This is just the beginning. The storm lasted for eight or nine days. Although Columbus had been to many places, he had never encountered such a violent storm.

Ships that reappear

In this way, Haifeng disappeared in front of human beings. Just as we slowly forgot about this incident, Haifeng reappeared in the nearby port in 1989, and it was eight years since the ship disappeared. When the staff checked the ship and the six passengers, they found that they had not changed and their faces were very young. The six passengers also claimed that they did not feel abnormal. They just felt that they had floated on the sea for a while and then returned to the port. They could not believe that eight years had passed.

In the past eight years, where has this ship gone? We have no way to know. Many people think that maybe this ship has entered the time tunnel, but the time in the time tunnel has not changed, so their appearance is the same as before. This event is too far away for us, and human beings can no longer verify it. Does the time tunnel really exist?

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