The signal from Bilin satellite is suspected to be communication information or 2G network!

Over the years, we have been looking for signs of extraterrestrial life. In December this year, Australian scientists made an amazing discovery. When they checked the signals received by radio telescopes, they found wireless signals from neighboring stars. When they did their research, they found that the frequency of the signal was 982 MHz. If we get the comparison in the real world, the communication frequency of 2G and GSM900 of mobile phone signal is between 900 MHz and 960 MHz.

Signals from neighboring stars

This series of signals naturally attracted the attention of scientists. In fact, there are many radio signals sent to the earth every year, most of which are in disorder and will not affect human beings. Therefore, many people think that only this kind of short wave can be used for radio waves in the universe. The radio waves made by human beings can be completed by using special equipment. And only the radio waves made by human beings can compress the frequency within a certain range. The wavelength of the signal from the nearby satellite found by scientists this time is about 30.5cm, and the antenna transmitting the signal is about 15cm.

Scientists believe that in order to achieve such radiation power, only the explosion events or black hole merger in the universe can be produced. Once these events occur, gamma ray bursts will be produced, which can reach such a wavelength. This signal has also aroused heated discussion among scientists. They think that this signal is too mysterious. They can’t explain the power, wavelength, and why the frequency of this signal is so narrow. Because its strength is still relatively weak, scientists can’t track his signal. So scientists have a bold guess, maybe in the nearby star There is wisdom in life.

Is there life in Bilin?

The size of the nearby star is very similar to that of the earth, and it is also located in the habitable zone. Therefore, some people speculate that there should be liquid water in the nearby star. Even if there is no birth of intelligent life, it also has the conditions for the birth of intelligent life. Scientists speculate that if there is intelligent life on the nearby star, they should have big eyes and thin bodies, just like the image in the film.

For example, some people think that the frequency of the signal sent by the nearby star is in the same range as the 2G network we use. Therefore, if aliens really exist, their civilization level is far lower than that of human beings. Maybe they are interested in the earth’s resources, so they try to say hello to the earth, hoping to evolve to a higher civilization level.

At present, scientists have not deciphered this signal, but it is a signal. It is likely to be a communication signal. Maybe there is alien life in the universe. They are also trying to say hello to the earth. I don’t know what you think?

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