The signal from deep in the universe, after two black holes collide, how powerful is the explosion?

The signal from deep in the universe, after two black holes collide, how powerful is the explosion?

In the universe, except for some larger objects, the rest are invisible to the naked eye. Black hole is a typical example, it is invisible, as if it is not a real existence, so there is a high controversy in the scientific community. In fact, the real black hole is not only massive, but also has extraordinary gravity. Even the sun may not be able to escape its gravitational shackles, but human beings have limited ability to see its true appearance.

Fortunately, when a black hole moves, it will always show its feet. Relying on the observation equipment, human beings can finally see the appearance of the black hole. Although it is difficult to see with the naked eye, it actually exists and has a large number. In such a large galaxy, there is a supermassive black hole with a mass of 4 million times, called Sagittarius a. It has been quietly devouring the surrounding material, as long as you see the lack of material around, you can indirectly prove that it is nearby. The signal from deep in the universe, after two black holes collide, how powerful is the explosion?

Characteristics and gravitation of black holes

The black hole is about 7800 light-years away from us, and its activity is not high, so it is rarely found. In 2015, it suddenly became active, devouring the surrounding stars and emitting rays, providing an effective way for human beings to search for black holes, because its gravity is too large and its phagocytosis of surrounding materials is extremely obvious. Many people can’t help asking, since the gravity of black holes is so great, what will happen if two black holes collide with each other?

As early as 7 billion years ago, there was a collision between two black holes. Although it is very far away from us, we can imagine the collision at that time. If it is observed by human beings, it will be a shocking picture. A scientific report points out that when the two black holes are close to each other, their orbit speed will become extremely fast, and finally find the right time to collide together, bringing huge shock waves to the universe. They merge with each other to form a large black hole 142 times larger than the mass of the sun. Although the area is very large, it has no substantial impact on the earth.

What are the consequences of black hole collisions?

According to our understanding of black holes, when a massive star reaches the end of its life, it will collapse and finally form a black hole. Black holes not only have large mass, but also have great gravity, which can attract all the matter around them. In the whole universe, there are also some black holes with a long history, which exist for almost the same age as the universe.

Now scientists have discovered a black hole, 12.7 billion years old, which was formed not long after the big bang. From this aspect, it indirectly shows that our understanding of black hole is relatively simple. We only think that it has huge gravity and can devour the surrounding material, but ignore the reason for its formation. If human beings can understand black holes thoroughly in the future, they may have a chance to shuttle back and forth in space, and they may become the God of the universe. Black holes are so mysterious that scientists have been wondering what kind of black holes are in your mind? Welcome to interact in the comments area.

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