The six mysteries of Mayan civilization have not been solved. They may have been helped by alien civilization

It has been 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth. Human beings, born millions of years ago, are intelligent life and the overlord of the earth. The emergence of human beings has also upgraded the earth to a civilized planet.

With the rapid development of human civilization, various archaeological discoveries, the word prehistoric civilization began to appear. Archaeologists have found many prehistoric relics on the earth, the most famous of which are the Atlantis civilization and the Maya civilization. Scientists have found suspected Atlantis relics on the sea floor, while the Maya civilization relics have been found on land in large quantities.

The Mayan civilization has the most records and remains in human history. If it is only a very primitive ancient civilization, it will not attract the interest of countless people, but the Maya civilization is not a backward civilization, but a very advanced civilization. Therefore, although the Mayan civilization has disappeared, it has left behind six mysteries that can not be solved up to now. Let’s take a look at these six mysteries together with Xiaobian.

1、 The Mayan calendar has always been a sign of the development of civilization. Naturally, the Mayan people also have their own calendar. The calendar they use is called Zhuojin calendar, which has only 260 days in a year. Moreover, the Maya also calculated that the earth’s year is 365.2420 days, and the modern calculation is 365.2422 days, with an error of only 0.0002 days.

The Mayans also estimated that the period of Venus is 584 days, with an error of only 7 seconds in 50 years. What an incredible number. How could the Mayans have such accurate calculations thousands of years ago? Where does the special religious chronology “Zhuojin year” come from? It’s really puzzling. Many of the great buildings of the Mayan civilization were built according to this strange calendar cycle.

Scientists believe that the Mayan calendar is definitely not the orbit of any celestial body that we have observed at present. Some people believe that the “Zhuojin year” calendar was formulated by the ancestors of the Mayan people on the basis of another unknown planet. So where is the unknown planet?

2、 Mayan pyramids. There are many great pyramids in the Mayan civilization. The huge stones used to build the pyramids are all from quarries 10 kilometers away. If it is a flat ground, we can also transport these huge stones from the quarry by using the artificial primitive method. The construction of the Egyptian pyramids depends on a large number of people to transport them from afar.

However, if the Mayans wanted to transport huge stones from the quarry, they needed to cross the forest. This situation was much more difficult than building pyramids. At that time, the Mayans did not have vehicles or build special roads to transport them. How did they transport these huge stones through the forest? Did they transport them from the air? This is also a mystery group left by the Maya civilization.

3、 The Maya Holy Well, the place where the Maya civilization lived, is in South America. We all know that it is a rainforest belt and there is no shortage of water. However, in the records of the Maya civilization, it is mentioned that the Maya civilization suffered from a rare drought. However, the Mayans did not suffer from the drought, which is mainly due to a holy well.

This holy well was used by the Mayans to offer sacrifices to the God of rain. From the bottom of the well, archaeologists found countless sacrifices made of gold and gems. It can be seen that the Mayans at that time would put jewelry into the well every year to pay tribute to the God of rain in order to get rain. Here is a place that puzzles many experts. How can there be drought in tropical rainforest? What is the reason for the rare drought that led to the decline of civilization?

4、 The magic number of the Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization has a very advanced calendar, which naturally has a very deep foundation in numbers. Although it is not found in historical records that the Mayan people used the multiplication and division method, the Mayan people are the first civilization to discover the number “0”, 800 to 1000 years earlier than the Chinese and Europeans.

The Mayans created the 20 carry counting method, and the number calculus can be used until 4 million years later. Such a huge astronomical figure can only be used in modern interstellar navigation and in measuring the distance between stars. But thousands of years ago, the Mayans used slash and burn farming, covered their bodies with leaves, and used cocoa beans as a medium to exchange things for things. Can they use such a numerical calculus?

Of course, scientists don’t care whether the Mayans at that time could use these huge numbers. What scientists are most concerned about is how such accurate and advanced computing methods and advanced digital systems were learned? Scientists don’t believe that the primitive Mayan civilization could develop such an advanced digital system on its own.

5、 The mysterious ancient Maya tunnel, the mysterious disappearance of the Maya civilization, for their disappearance, people have a lot of speculation, some say they are extinct, some say they moved to other places, and even some say they left the earth.

Scientists have discovered an ancient Maya tunnel hundreds of miles long underground in South America. In this tunnel, many mysterious cultural relics have been found, such as a model airplane made of gold. The local legend about the Maya has been spreading. After the decline of the legend, all the Maya moved to the inner city to live.

This tunnel is a section of the Maya people’s journey to the inner world thousands of years ago. This tunnel is a sacred place in the local area. The entrance is guarded by an Indian tribe all the year round. They abide by the ancestral precepts and do not allow anyone to enter. Some people think that the underground city where the Maya live can be reached through this tunnel. Whether it is true or not is still uncertain.

If the Mayans really have the ability to go to the inner earth, this technology is far beyond modern technology. We need to know that our current technology can’t even break through the earth, let alone go deep into the earth. If this is true, we may have to reassess the real strength of the Mayans and their advanced level. If the Maya really lived in the inner earth, what kind of development would they have now? Will it be a more advanced civilization.

6、 In the 1950s, people found a stone tablet engraved with characters in the ancient city of Palenque. At that time, they thought it was just an image stone tablet depicting the life of Maya high priests. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we flew out of the earth. At this time, we found that this stone tablet of the high priest is strikingly similar to the spacecraft to the moon. Astronomers believe that the stone tablet depicts the scene of the high priest setting out in the spacecraft.

In fact, this is not surprising. From the records of the history of the Mayan civilization, scientists already know that the Mayans know a lot about astronomy, and modern scientists don’t know much about it. The fact that the Mayans know so much about astronomy shows that they may have the ability to walk out of the earth. Many things can only be seen from the perspective of space.

The above five points are just the five mysteries left by the Mayan civilization. From these we can see that the Mayan civilization has not only advanced calendars, advanced digital systems, but also rich astronomical knowledge. In addition to these, the Mayan people also have exquisite sculpture, painting and art. However, before the birth of such a high civilization, the Mayans lived in tree caves to collect for a living. Why did such a primitive tribe suddenly have such a high civilization?

These advanced knowledge will not come out of nothing. Therefore, some scientists suspect that the advanced knowledge mastered by the Mayans is not their own, but is imparted to them by alien civilization. In fact, there is a certain reason for scientists to be so skeptical. It is not surprising to know that in some records, the Maya people’s daily life is very backward, and their civilization is more advanced than modern knowledge.

Therefore, some scholars put forward a bold assumption: in the remote ancient times, there might have been a group of highly civilized alien intelligent life in the American tropical jungle, who taught the Maya people in the primitive era all kinds of advanced knowledge, and then drifted away. They were considered gods by the Mayans. The profound knowledge that is difficult to understand in Maya culture is taught by aliens.

The carvings on the Palenque slate are the Maya’s copy of the alien astronauts. When the aliens left, they promised the Mayans to return to earth, but they did not return when the Mayan priests predicted the return of the gods. This can also explain why the Mayan civilization declined and gradually disappeared.

If the advanced knowledge mastered by the Mayan civilization was really developed by their own research, then the Mayan civilization would never disappear like this. We should know that there was no extinction disaster on the earth at that time. With such advanced technology of the Maya people, it was impossible to have enemies on the earth at that time, and there was no way to face natural disasters.

All this shows that the advanced scientific and technological knowledge recorded in the Mayan civilization is not their own, just as we went back to ancient times and taught all kinds of advanced knowledge to primitive humans, they could not understand it. Of course, the research and exploration of the Mayan civilization by scientists is still going on. What the truth is still needs to be studied and solved by scientists. Maybe one day, we can completely solve the mystery of the Mayan civilization.

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