The six scientists who have been in the closed cabin for one year have gone insane after returning to earth!

The six scientists who have been in the closed cabin for one year have gone insane after returning to earth!

Since the beginning of the 20th century, science and technology has developed to a new stage. Human beings began to try to go out of the earth and find more mysteries in the universe. All along, human beings have been pursuing the second earth. In order to find a planet suitable for human survival, scientists have been exploring day and night. It is not difficult to find that nowadays, the demand of human for the earth is more and more frequent, and the earth’s resources are drying up. However, human ability is limited, but it has always been unable to find a planet with a highly similar environment to the earth. Even if we find it, we can not understand whether there are other civilizations on it.

In the course of exploring space, some scientists found that the environment of Mars is very similar to that of the earth, so in order to survive on Mars, scientists set up a closed cabin, which can better adapt to the Martian environment. Among them, six scientists entered the closed cabin to prove that the environment on Mars is suitable for human survival. If they really want to immigrate to Mars in the future, they must adapt to the environment on Mars. The six scientists who have been in the closed cabin for one year have gone insane after returning to earth!

As we all know, the atmosphere of Mars is relatively thin, and there are countless cosmic rays. These rays are projected onto human beings, and human beings can’t bear them. If long-term exposure to this harsh environment will have a very serious impact on human body, what will these six scientists look like after they have stayed in the closed cabin for a period of time?

These six scientists include three men and three women. There is no air in the closed cabin, so they are very stuffy. Even if some scientists want to get out of the closed cabin, they must wear protective clothing. The closed cabin has a complete range of daily necessities. However, the environment of Mars is very different from the earth, so it is very inconvenient for them to eat It’s also extremely monotonous, with only cans and cheese, which are limited.

If you want to get in touch with the outside world, you have to use e-mail. If you really want to survive on Mars, first of all, communication is very difficult. After all, it is not covered by the Internet like the earth. They stayed in the closed cabin for a whole year without any privacy. After they came out, the whole person was silly, just like staying at home for a year, without sunshine, fresh air, the whole world People’s spirit has become extremely dull, and even entertainment activities have been limited. It can be imagined that this kind of life can not be endured by human beings, and no one can adapt to survive in this closed environment.

I have to admire the perseverance of these six scientists. They have lived in such a closed environment for a whole year. This is not something that many people can do. How many days can they hold on to if they are replaced by others? Nowadays, scientists are still stepping up their efforts to find a suitable earth for human survival. It is obvious that it is very difficult to survive on Mars. If we have a suitable environment for air and water like the earth, then human beings are expected to immigrate. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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