The size of sugar can crush the earth. The weight of a small solid is equal to that of Mt. Everest. What is a neutron star?

Two or three things about neutron stars

What is a neutron star? Many people have doubts about this. It is a star formed by a very large gravitational collapse. It is very small. The mass of each neutron star is equal to that of a huge planet. It can even crush the earth. The size of a large city cannot be compared with its diameter.

The size difference of a neutron star is about 12-17 miles, and scientists have also considered its distance and characteristics. This range is actually quite accurate, but astronomers are still making unremitting research on it. In order to narrow its range to more accurate, international organizations have also made the latest progress. Through the data obtained by astronomical telescopes and observatories, the Marx Institute of physics will The exact size range of a neutron star has been reduced by two times. They claim that a typical neutron star weighs 1.5 times as much as the sun and has a radius of 11 kilometers. This data means that if humans scoop out a part of the neutron star – the size of sugar cube – with a spoon, it may be able to crush the earth.

The most dense matter known is the neutron star

Astronomers then said that up to now, the density of matter of neutron stars in the universe is the largest in the world. Through these data, we can get the basic physical phenomena that matter obeys at the subatomic level. For example, when the star evolves to the end of its evolution, everything will collapse and neutron stars will form. In the most central region of that star, there is a core. After the core collapses, protons and electrons will be converted into neutrons. For example, the supernova explosion is a typical example.

The collapsed and shrunk neutron star will produce a kind of solid with the highest density, just as the object mentioned above is compressed to the size of an ordinary city. I believe many people have heard this famous metaphor. Its exaggeration makes people want to repeat it all the time. For example, a piece of neutron star material the size of a cube of sugar weighs 1 billion tons on the earth, and its weight should be the same as that of Mount Everest agreement.

Are neutron stars heavy or light?

Perhaps many people will ask, if the sizes of stars can vary a lot, why can’t the sizes of neutron stars vary a lot?

Reference mass of neutron star

Kabana, as a famous astronomer, said in today’s universe that the reference mass widely used in a literature means that all the masses observed in the neutron core are close to this value. The reason is that a certain value is used to estimate the radius of the neutron star. There are about 1.4 suns, because the neutron stars observed so far are all composed of the same matter.

He went on to say that, compared with ordinary stars, the relationship between mass and radius has the common influence of many constants and variables. For example, there will be elements of nuclear fusion in the core of stars, but the neutron centers are so compact and dense that they will not contain atoms that are really separated from each other, which means that the whole star is basically a huge unit integration, with completely close relationship The elements of each neutron center are consistent because of the composition of neutrons stacked together. At such a density level, the so-called concept of elements loses its meaning. Therefore, we can identify the number of protons and define the elements of neutron stars.


All neutron stars are made up of the same matter. At the same time, astronomers also think that there can be some specific connection between mass and radius. This theory is applicable to neutron stars. Therefore, when we describe them, what we actually do is to further characterize some physical laws of the subatomic world that have been formed.

Other research teams also pointed out in the paper that the research process and results can also be applied to other celestial bodies, such as magnetostars or pulsars, all of which help astronomers understand the generation of gravitational waves. At the same time, as the author of the paper, Brown said that these results are so exciting that not only scientists have maximized the accuracy of neutron star radius, At the same time, it can also have a clearer understanding of neutron star merger.

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