The sky is so vast, why does the plane have to follow the route? Just look at the consequences

With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence and popularization of aircraft make our travel more convenient. Nowadays, flying is not a strange thing. Do you know why the aircraft can not fly freely in the vast sky, but must follow its own route?

Reason 1:

We all know that when driving on the ground, we must abide by the traffic rules and see clearly the safety signs on various roads, so as to avoid traffic accidents. Similarly, the same is true for airplanes flying in the sky. They have to follow their planned routes.

The route of the plane is just like the road on the ground. Only flying according to the route can ensure the safety of flight. Because the speed of the aircraft is very fast, if it is an airliner, the number of people on it will reach hundreds of people. Sometimes in some areas, the aircraft will be more dense, so we have to fly according to the route set in advance, otherwise the collision will happen.

Second reason:

You know, millions of people fly around the world every day, and for every country, there are open and no fly zones. No fly zone refers to the airspace in which any aircraft, such as aircraft, helicopter, hot air balloon, etc., are prohibited to fly into or over without special permission. Most of these areas are important military bases, important government agencies, important buildings, volcanic activity areas and so on.

So the planes have to fly according to the planned route. They can’t change the route at will. Otherwise, if they enter the no fly zone by mistake, it will be serious.

According to foreign media reports on April 27, 2019, a civil aircraft broke into the no fly zone in Washington, USA. for this intrusion, the US air defense command immediately sent two fighters to intercept it. It’s terrible to think about it. In case of breaking into the secret base or something, it may be immediately attacked by gunfire and beaten down! It can be seen that the consequences of aircraft trespassing into the no fly zone are very serious.

Three reasons

When the plane takes off and lands, the flight altitude is relatively low, so if it deviates from the route at this time, it is easy to bump into some buildings with relatively high ground, which will also cause major accidents.

For example, on June 4, 2017, there was an Air China A320 airliner flying from Hong Kong to Chengdu. After taking off, the plane did not turn left in time according to the instructions, resulting in deviation from the route. Fortunately, the pilot corrected immediately, otherwise he might have collided with Tai O mountain in Hong Kong.

Although it is said that the route can not be changed at will, if the following two situations occur, it is still necessary to be forced to change the route.

Situation 1: weather factors

If the aircraft encounters thunderstorm or thunderstorm clouds during flight, the captain will slightly change the original route for flight safety, so as to bypass the dangerous area and ensure flight safety.

Situation two: the plane broke down

If the plane fails in flight and cannot fly according to the normal route, for example, it bumps into a bird, or some parts are damaged, and there is a major safety accident on the plane, then the captain will apply for changing the route, or request a forced landing, so as to ensure the safety of personnel.

Although the sky is vast, for the sake of flight safety, you can’t change the route at will. If you want to take a shortcut, you have to fly strictly according to the route and observe the order. After all, there is no square without rules.

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