The solar system is surrounded by a huge sphere with a diameter of two light years. What is it?

The solar system is home to the earth. There are eight planets in the solar system, including mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. In the original understanding, the range of the solar system is the farthest to Neptune. After Neptune’s orbit, it left the solar system and reached the interstellar space outside the solar system.

However, with the continuous development of human space science and technology, more and more people know about the solar system. Neptune is the outermost planet among the eight major planets. Voyager 1 has been flying at a speed of 17 kilometers per second for 37 years, reaching the farthest place that can be affected by the solar wind. This place is called the solar zenith. After breaking through this boundary, it entered the scientific era The interstellar space outside the solar system is out of the solar system.

Now Voyager 1 has reached 210 kilometers away from the sun, which is five times the distance between the sun and Neptune. If we calculate by this way, the solar system is a spherical space with a diameter of 4.2 million kilometers. But is this really the case? Now many scientists don’t think so. They think this is not the edge of the solar system. The solar system is much bigger than we thought in the past.

If we explore the original definition of the size of the solar system, our spacecraft can fly out of the solar system in only about 30, but in fact, this is not right. Scientists later discovered a huge sphere surrounding the solar system at the edge of the solar system, which is the Oort nebula. At present, we do not know how the ottle nebula is formed and what is inside it. However, this ottle nebula is very large. If it is centered on the sun, it is one light-year away from the edge of the ottle nebula, that is, its diameter can reach two light-years.

This sphere with a diameter of 2 light-years encircles the solar system, which seems to provide an invisible protection for the solar system. Scientists believe that the scope of the solar system should include the entire Oort nebula. Only out of the Oort Nebula can we be regarded as out of the solar system. If so, the solar system is much larger than the original estimate. At the current speed of the spacecraft, we are not on board We can’t get out of the solar system in 10000 years, which is why some scientists say that if we don’t speed up the development of science and technology, we may be trapped in the solar system forever.

Indeed, the solar system, with a diameter of two light-years, is a desperate distance for human technology. Although the thickness of the Oort Nebula can reach one light year, its mass is not large. It’s about 5 to 100 earths. What’s the situation inside the Oort Nebula? In fact, we don’t know now. We don’t have a probe to explore the clouds inside the Oort nebula. Maybe in the near future, we will send a probe to the inside, or maybe voyager-1 in the near future And new horizons is now exploring the Kuiper belt at the edge of the solar system, and there is hope to continue to penetrate the Oort nebula.

The solar system is a very special galaxy. It not only has the intelligent civilization planet earth, but also includes the special celestial belts at the edge of the solar system, including the Kuiper belt and the Oort Nebula belt. There are many celestial bodies inside them, such as the dense celestial bodies in the Kuiper belt. This year, new horizon sent a group of Kuiper belts to the earth There are countless white dots like cells in the perspective map. Each white dot represents a celestial body. It can be seen that there are many celestial bodies in the map.

Scientists speculate that the Oort Nebula may contain hundreds of millions of comets, as well as countless other celestial bodies. Is the Oort Nebula formed naturally or artificially? Now it’s not certain that such a special ring of galaxies is only found in the solar system in the universe, which seems to be protecting the solar system intentionally. Some friends with big brain holes suspect that the Kuiper belt and the Oort nebula are actually man-made, and the purpose may be to protect the living planets in the solar system from being discovered by the outside world.

If the Oort Nebula were man-made, what kind of alien civilization would it be built by? We can’t imagine the strength of this alien civilization to create such a huge galaxy belt. What is the reason for the solar system to be surrounded? Is it really just to protect the living planet Earth from being discovered by the outside world?

If we want to solve these puzzles, we can’t do it with the current human technology. We don’t even have the ability to enter the Oort galaxy. To go deep into the Oort nebula and get out of the solar system, we mainly rely on the speed. As long as the speed of the spaceship can achieve a major breakthrough, at least sub light speed, it won’t take long to cross a light year It is hopeful that the deep Oort Nebula can be explored. Maybe some secrets can be found inside it to determine whether it is a natural nebula or a man-made one.

If the Oort nebula is really a shackle blocking the solar system, we can only see a wider space when we go out of the solar system. It is possible that the situation outside the solar system that we are observing with astronomical telescopes is not the true face of the universe at all. The Oort Nebula may block and bully the exploration of human beings. Only when we go out of the solar system can we see the real space outside the solar system It’s a test of humanity.

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