The source of cosmic wave has been found! Duration of a few milliseconds, enough energy for human use 62.2 billion years!

In order to find the traces of aliens, scientists have been looking for cosmic signals. Over the years, scientists have received countless cosmic signals. If we can decrypt some regular signals, it will be a major breakthrough for human beings to explore alien civilization. Just on Wednesday, a report was published in three papers in the journal Nature, and scientists officially announced that they had found a rapid radio storm in the Milky way and found its source, which provides an important clue for human research.

Rapid radio bursts

Unlike other wireless signals, fast radio bursts last only a few milliseconds. In 2007, scientists first detected the rapid radio storm, but the time is too short, and the rapid radio storm has been bothering scientists. The fast radio storms discovered by scientists before have always come from outside the Milky way. However, on April 28 this year, scientists actually detected the fast radio storms in the same region of the Milky way. They quickly identified the source of the radio waves, that is, the Galactic magnetostar SGR 1935 + 2154.

Discovery of fast radio bursts

This is also the first time that scientists have been able to trace the signal. Speaking of the discovery of rapid radio bursts, it was just an accident at that time. There was a scientist named lorimo, who also took many undergraduates to do research at that time. One of them was a boy named nakovich, who collected the data of neutron stars together while sorting out the data of astronomical telescope for the professor. In these neutron stars, he focused on sorting out the radiation, just like the shining pulsars. In these observations, he made an unexpected discovery. One of the pulses is very bright. According to the distance and brightness, it may come from the deeper space.

He immediately reported this discovery to the rorimore scientists, which also attracted his interest, so they conducted a new study and comparison to confirm that this is a new cosmic phenomenon. At that time, Luo ruimo had no way to explain the pulse, so he gave him a name: rapid radio storm. Since the discovery of rapid radio bursts, many scientists’ telescopes have also observed such radio signals. Since then, although scientists have monitored more than 50 rapid radio bursts, they have not found the source of the burst. Because fast radio bursts can produce powerful energy in an instant, it has become the focus of scientists’ heated discussion. Over the years, many scientists have been trying to unravel the origin of fast radio bursts, but there is no particularly ideal effect. Some people think that this is the energy produced by neutron stars and other star bursts, while others think that this is the special energy given to mankind by alien civilization Signal.

Of course, these are all conjectures. There is no real scientific evidence. Until now, the secret of radio signals, which has puzzled scientists for more than ten years, has finally been solved. Scientists have used telescopes in three places to capture this signal at the same time. This magnetic star is just in the active period, and scientists have just captured this signal. We have to say how lucky human beings are.

Rapid radio bursts

The energy of

Although the duration of rapid radio storms is short, the energy emitted is unimaginable. Scientists once predicted that in a few milliseconds, the energy emitted by rapid radio storms is equal to the energy released by the sun all day. The energy released by the more explosive rapid radio storms can even equal the energy of the sun in a year. Scientists have calculated that the energy released by the sun in one second is enough for humans to use 720000 years, and the millisecond rapid radio storm can provide 62.2 billion years of energy for humans.

After seeing this figure, I believe many people can’t imagine that human beings are too small in the universe. Just a beam of radio waves can bring such a large explosive force. If a rapid radio storm comes to the earth, is it good or bad for us?

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