The spaceship is close to the comet, and a mysterious bow shock wave appears around it. What’s the matter?

The solar system was born 4.6 billion years ago, while other planets and celestial bodies also began to be born, and human beings were born millions of years ago. When mankind walked out of the earth, the first thing we saw was the vastness of the solar system. At the same time, we became interested in the mystery of the formation of the solar system. For decades, scientists have been trying to figure out how the solar system came into being and what the material form and composition of the solar system were at the beginning of its birth.

To understand the mystery of the formation of the solar system, it is necessary to explore and study some celestial bodies at the beginning of the formation of the solar system, and these celestial bodies have not changed greatly with the passage of time. For example, the eight planets naturally do not meet these requirements, and some comets can meet the requirements. Astronomers believe that comets are composed of materials in the early days of the birth of the solar system. Due to their extremely low temperature and being placed in the “freezing” space, the composition of comets has remained almost unchanged since the birth of the solar system. Studying them will help to uncover many mysteries of the formation of the solar system.

In order to solve the mystery of the formation of the solar system, scientists have targeted a comet named 67p, which is not more than 4.3km in diameter. It is a small object with a very strange shape. It runs in an elliptical orbit at the speed of 38km / s, forming two intersections with the orbits of muxing and Mars. Its orbit period is about 6.45 years and its rotation period is about 12.4 hours.

In order to explore and study the comet, scientists launched the comet probe Rosetta with “Philae” in 2004. After a total space flight of more than 6.4 billion kilometers, in August 2014, they finally caught up with comet 67p, which is approaching the sun in 400 million kilometers from the earth. Like the solar system, comet 67p was born 4.6 billion years ago. It contains the most primitive material of the early solar system. Studying it will help us understand the mystery of the formation of the solar system.

Rosetta spacecraft flew close to comet 67p, released the “Philae” lander, and successfully landed on the comet. “Filai” weighs 100 kg, the size of a refrigerator, carrying 10 scientific instruments. It approached the comet at a speed of 3.5 kilometers per hour, almost equal to walking speed, and took seven hours to reach the nucleus.

When the detector is close to comet 67p, scientists can really see what it looks like. It looks like a rubber pressure. Scientists think that it may be formed by the collision of two comets. When the probe landed on the comet, it began a series of exploration and Research on it. At the same time, it also sent pictures and data back to the earth.

Scientists originally thought that 67p would not be discovered much, but the result was unexpected. The first strange phenomenon found on the comet was sand dunes blown by wind. How could there be wind on this comet? If there is wind, there must be atmosphere, but there is no atmosphere on this comet. How can a small celestial body form an atmosphere?

Scientists revealed this secret by studying the photos sent back by the detector. Researchers found that although comet 67p itself lacks atmosphere, it will emit a lot of gas after being heated by the sun. Finally, they got a conjecture: the gas emission from the sunny side of comet 67p will form a thin layer of atmosphere, thus forming a certain pressure difference with the sunny side. Although the pressure here is at least 100000 times weaker than that on earth, the comet’s gravity is extremely low, which allows the formation of slow wind.

When scientists solved the mystery of wind, another mysterious phenomenon appeared again. It turned out that there was an incredible bow shock wave around the comet, which indicated that the comet suddenly appeared a mysterious and powerful magnetic field at a certain moment. How did the magnetic field come from? Maybe many people don’t know what a bow shock wave is, so let’s explain it first. The so-called bow shock wave is the arc-shaped shock wave generated by the celestial magnetic field near the sun when resisting the solar wind.

From 2014 to 2016, Rosetta spacecraft carried out a series of explorations on the near and far environment of comet 67p. It was found that several bow shock waves were generated before and after the comet approached the closest point of the sun, and the length of the shock wave was over 1500 km. Through observation, scientists found that before the detector was close to the comet, bow shock waves never occurred around the comet, and several bow shock waves also appeared when the detector was close to the comet. What’s the matter?

Scientists also found that when the Rosetta spacecraft was near the comet, the comet’s mysterious magnetic field would become stronger and more violent. Scientists can’t explain this phenomenon at present. They don’t understand why the spacecraft will cause a crazy explosion of high-energy charged particles in the sun when it is close to the comet, which will produce an increased magnetic field. It seems that there is a mysterious force in the dark to prevent the detector from approaching.

Although scientists are still unable to explain the sudden appearance of the powerful bow shock wave around comet 67p, they are very happy. This shows that the comet is absolutely not simple and has great research value. Once we can uncover a series of secrets about it, it is possible for human beings to have a deeper understanding of the mystery of the formation of the solar system, and it is also possible to discover some other mysterious situations.

Guys, why do you think there will be a mysterious bow shock wave around this comet when the probe approaches? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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