The species that have been declared extinct for many years have come into view again. Is the earth getting better or worse?

The species that have been declared extinct for many years have come into view again. Is the earth getting better or worse?

Life on earth is quite long. It took hundreds of millions of years before primitive life was born. In the life history of 3.8 billion years, millions of species have been born one after another on the earth, forming a perfect food chain. These organisms restrict each other, grow up with each other, and are complex. Over time, they will form a vibrant earth. Since the emergence of human beings, trying to transform the earth, thinking that the earth’s environment will be better and better, but I do not know that there is a greater danger waiting for human beings.

Some careful friends have found that every once in a while, experts will find new species. Most of these species have been declared extinct. Now they reappear in the sky and appear in the vision of human beings, causing people to think deeply. This makes people have to wonder what happened to the earth? Why do these long lost ancient creatures come to our eyes again? Every living thing needs a special living environment. Not all living things can live on the earth without worry. The species that have been declared extinct for many years have come into view again. Is the earth getting better or worse?

What are the reasons for the extinction of ancient creatures?

With the change of the environment, many organisms are eliminated because they can’t adapt to the environment. Some organisms change their body functions and adapt to the environment well. Species extinction and the birth of new species are common things. With the rapid growth of the population, human beings occupy more and more living space and demand more resources, which will only aggravate the extinction of species. We all see the plunder and destruction of the environment. These declared extinct creatures reappear for unknown reasons.

Experts found many ancient creatures reappear

In May 2020, some researchers found a single plant of Rhododendron Kulu that has been extinct for many years in the field, which made experts very excited. However, it was discovered a long time ago, and was not identified as a new species. Through continuous research, it was not identified as a new species until 1978. Nowadays, humans rarely see them in the wild. Later, they were declared extinct. How can scientists not be excited about their re emergence? Is this evidence that the earth is getting better?

Not only that, experts also found a turtle that has been extinct for 100 years, called the Galapagos weevil on fernandena island. It has been extinct for a long time, and its survival ability in the wild is extremely poor. Due to the long time interval, this species disappeared for 100 years reappeared again, which caused many experts’ thinking. The existence of these creatures requires specific conditions. The re emergence of many species is not a good thing for human beings. It is not so much the earth’s self salvation as the earth’s warning to human beings.

Human beings claim to be the masters of the earth, but have they really done their duty as masters? The extinction of many living things is closely related to human activities. If human beings can not pay attention to their own behavior, these long lost creatures will reappear again, which will bring fatal threat to human beings. It is possible that future human beings will become lonely and dare not look directly at the picture. What do you think of the reappearance of these creatures? You can leave a message for interaction.

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