The speed of human spaceship is expected to achieve a major breakthrough by 2050, reaching 1.6 million kilometers per hour

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. Many people may not understand why human beings were born? In fact, if we calm down and think about it, we will understand this problem. In fact, the birth and emergence of human beings is to explore the countless mysteries of the world and the universe.

The earth is the home of human survival. In ancient times, people’s understanding of the earth is very limited due to the lack of the help of science and technology. The understanding of the space universe is almost a blank, at most is to look up at the stars at night, look at the stars in the sky, but do not know what those stars are.

With the development of science and technology hundreds of years ago, people’s cognition and vision are gradually broadened. With telescopes, we can finally see the vast universe through the earth. With aircraft, we can explore some planets in the solar system. But in the face of the vast universe, the speed of human aircraft is too slow.

As we all know, the distance of the universe is measured in light years. The distance between stars ranges from a few light years to thousands of light years or more. For example, the distance between the Milky way and Andromeda is 2.5 million light-years, and the diameter of the Milky way is 100000 light-years. Such a vast universe, if the speed of the aircraft is not fast enough, it is impossible to explore.

Although human beings have stepped out of the earth, the main way for aircraft to fly out of the earth is to rely on chemical fuel. The energy level of chemical fuel is limited, and it can only accelerate spacecraft and rockets to 40000 kilometers per hour at most. No matter how fast, it’s impossible. This is the energy limitation of chemical fuel. If you want to make the spaceship faster, you can only seek stronger energy.

Voyager-1 is the fastest vehicle for human beings. It is a galaxy vehicle launched by scientists 40 years ago to explore extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization. Its purpose is to break out of the solar system and explore more distant stars. 40 years ago, the space technology was far worse than it is now, so the initial speed of the aircraft was not fast, but why has it become the fastest aircraft of mankind now?

The reason is that travelstar-1 has experienced several times of gravitational catapult acceleration when it travels in the solar system, that is, an acceleration realized by using planets such as Jupiter. After several times of planetary acceleration, traveller-1’s speed is getting faster and faster. Its average speed has reached 60000 kilometers per hour, which has exceeded the maximum speed that human chemical fuel can provide.

Of course, the world’s most advanced ion thruster can accelerate the spacecraft to 100000 kilometers per hour, but this speed is still too slow in space. If we want to make a breakthrough in the speed of spacecraft, we need a breakthrough in energy. Once the controllable nuclear fusion technology currently studied by human beings is realized, it is expected to raise the speed of spacecraft to sub light speed. However, the most ideal situation of controllable nuclear fusion technology may take another 50 years to achieve. If it is not smooth, it may not be achieved in another 100 years.

Before controllable nuclear fusion technology is realized, human space exploration dream will not stop, so we need to study alternative power technology. Last year, NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory tested a lithium-ion thruster driven by a laser beam, saying that the thruster is expected to exceed 1.6 million kilometers per hour, possibly at a higher speed.

This lithium-ion thruster has shown us the hope of a major breakthrough in speed. At present, it is still in the experimental stage. The biggest difficulty in manufacturing lithium-ion thrusters is how to produce laser beams. Although increasing the voltage to 6000 V can drive the lithium-ion thruster, 6000 V will damage the performance of electronic components and greatly shorten the life of the spacecraft. But the researchers are very confident that as long as the funding is sufficient, the thruster will be successful by 2050.

Once the lithium thruster is successful before 2050, the speed of human aircraft will achieve a qualitative breakthrough. It is 40 times faster than the speed of chemical fuel thruster now. At this speed, it only takes one year to reach Pluto and only a few days to reach Mars, which is of great significance for human beings to explore the planets in the solar system.

Once the speed of the spacecraft gets a major breakthrough and it takes only a few days to travel to and from Mars, the efficiency of the human transformation plan for Mars will be greatly improved. It is possible to establish a base on Mars and establish a preliminary residential city. Even ordinary people have greater hope to travel in space. And many secrets of the Kuiper belt on the edge of the space solar system can be explored faster and better.

In space exploration, speed is the king. As long as the spacecraft has enough speed to go wherever it wants, then the secrets of the universe will be revealed one by one. Just like in the era of the earth, it is with the help of science and technology that we have all kinds of super fast means of transportation that we can travel all over the earth, explore the oceans, and constantly uncover the secrets of the earth.

Of course, lithium thrusters are nothing in front of the vast universe. At this speed, we still can’t get out of the solar system. You know, the interstellar space on the edge of the solar system is surrounded by the Oort nebula, which is as thick as one light year. The distance of one light year is nothing in the universe, but for human beings, it is a distance that we cannot cross at present. Only by flying at sub light speed can we easily get out of the solar system.

The mission of sub light speed flight falls on the controllable nuclear fusion technology. Once it is realized and the nuclear fusion engine appears, the speed of the spacecraft will make a qualitative breakthrough again, and sub light speed flight is no longer a dream. Of course, there is another more powerful energy for human beings to study, that is, antimatter energy, which is even more powerful than nuclear fusion. As long as it can be realized, perhaps the speed of the spacecraft can be infinitely close to the speed of light. At that time, human beings can migrate outside the solar system.

However, the basic requirement of the vast universe for speed is the speed of light. Before the speed of human spaceship reaches the speed of light, we are not really interstellar civilization. As long as we can fly at the speed of light, we can really have the initial strength to fight for supremacy in the universe. The speed of light flight is also an important barrier to the strength of civilization. Once broken, human science and technology will enter a new field.

Of course, there is superluminal speed above the speed of light, which is really the speed of the universe. Unfortunately, the speed of light and superluminal flight are too far away for human civilization. We can only step by step. It is impossible to reach the sky step by step, unless we can get the help of advanced civilization. This may be one of the reasons why human beings actively explore alien civilization.

In the vast universe, there must be intelligent civilization with human beings, and there are alien civilizations that are many times stronger than human beings. If the alien civilization has the ability to fly faster than light, it is possible to cross the interstellar to the solar system. If human beings are lucky and meet a kind and peace loving alien civilization, maybe we can get some technologies that are very backward for them from advanced civilizations, such as light speed flight technology, anti gravity technology, etc., so that human civilization does not need them After a long period of scientific research and exploration, we can step up to the sky and save hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

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