The speed of light reaches 300000 kilometers per second. Where does its power come from?

If someone asks you, what is the fastest speed of an object? I believe a lot of friends will answer that is the speed of light. That’s right. According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed of an object with static mass can only be infinitely close to the speed of light, but it can’t reach it. The reason is that when the speed of an object is close to the speed of light, its mass will also reach infinity. At this time, it also needs infinite quantity to push the object.

Since the speed of objects cannot reach the speed of light, is there any matter in the universe that runs at the speed of light? The answer is yes. This material is the light we see every day. I believe we are not unfamiliar with light. We are communicating with it every day and every moment. It is with light that we can see the world and make it full of light.

Why can the speed of light reach the speed of light? Does it violate Einstein’s theory of relativity? Where does the power of light come from? Although light is a common and familiar substance, human beings are full of all kinds of hardships in the exploration of light. Up to now, our understanding of light may be only a part, and most of the mysteries of light are still unknown to us.

The speed of an object can’t reach the speed of light. That’s because the object has a static mass, and the speed of light can reach a constant speed of light. Does that mean that light has no static mass? The answer is yes. Light is a very special substance. It has no mass. This method surprised scientists at first, and it was incredible.

After scientists found that light has no mass, they are more and more interested in it. They want to understand what light is. It may be a particle or a wave? At first, scientists thought that light should be a particle without mass. But this conclusion can’t stand scientific verification. Scientists have seen the wave image of light through the double slit experiment, and some believe that light should be a kind of wave.

However, scientists have such a question: if light is a kind of wave, and the propagation of wave needs medium, then light can completely propagate in reality, with a speed of 30 kilometers per second. What’s the propagation medium, and the propagation speed of wave will be different because of different media. But whether light is in solid, liquid, gaseous or other kinds of substances, its speed is always constant. If you think the speed of light is slow, it’s just time, not the speed of light.

Scientists can’t find this medium in the brain, so the conclusion that light is a wave has been overturned. Finally, scientists re opened a new way, thinking that light is not only a particle but also a wave, so a new word appeared, which is wave particle two image particle. At this point, light bears two glories, one is light, the other is wave. After understanding the characteristics of light, scientists began to study the source of energy to drive light to run at the speed of light.

We all know that the reason why the speed of any material can be continuously improved is because of the energy. From a macro point of view, we can’t know the source of energy, but if we enter the micro world, we can see something clearly. In the micro world, the molecules and atoms that make up matter are surrounded by electrons.

After these electrons get the external energy, such as we heat the object, at this time, the electrons that get the energy will move closer to the center, and in this process, there will be excess energy released, thus forming the light we see. A mass object cannot completely convert this excess energy into kinetic energy, so it cannot reach the speed of light.

Because the speed of light has no static mass, it can convert the energy into kinetic energy losslessly, so it can realize the constant speed of light. If we want to trace the energy source of light, we may have to go back to the big bang. 13.8 billion years ago, at the moment of the big bang at the singularity, enormous energy was generated, which was transformed into various substances, cosmic dust, and light, a special substance.

Light appears with the birth of the universe, it will never disappear, all over the universe. It has a symbiotic relationship with the universe. When the universe produces it, it will disappear only when it dies. These are just a few superficial understandings of light in human science and technology. In fact, the mystery of light is far more than that. We still have doubts about whether the nature of light is right. It is possible that with the continuous progress of science, scientists’ cognition of light will change greatly in the future.

We know something about light, and we know that the speed of light is the limit of the speed of an object. So some people will ask: if the speed of light is the ultimate speed of the universe, does that mean that human beings can never raise the speed of the spacecraft to the speed of light? If the speed of light can not be broken, what is the significance of human research and exploration of the universe?

The dream of mankind is to travel all corners of the universe and explore the ultimate mystery of the universe. But if the speed limit of the universe is the speed of light, the speed of light is nothing in the face of the vast universe. The diameter of the Milky way reaches 100000 light-years, and it takes 100000 years for spacecraft to fly at the speed of light. The fairy galaxy is 2.5 million light-years away from the Milky way, and it takes 2.5 million years for spacecraft to fly at the speed of light. The range of the observable universe is 92 billion light years. If we fly at the speed of light, it will take 92 billion years to cross.

In such a vast universe, the speed of light is as slow as a snail. How can we realize our dream of exploring the universe? For this, scientists naturally will not admit defeat, although theoretically speaking, the ultimate speed of an object is the speed of light. However, scientists do not think that the speed of light is unbreakable, and the speed of objects cannot exceed the speed of light, but we can find another way to break through the speed of light.

Although photons are the only objects that can reach the speed of light in the universe, there is a phenomenon of superluminal speed in the universe. For example, the expansion speed of the universe exceeds the speed of light. This speed is different from that of objects. It is a kind of compression and expansion of space. Scientists regard the universe as a giant spherical elastic membrane. The speed limit of objects on the membrane is the speed of light, but the expansion speed of the membrane can exceed the speed of light

When the space of the cosmic membrane is compressed and expanded at the speed of super light, it will move with the objects attached to it at the speed of super light, which is similar to the surfing on the earth. The ship does not move, and the waves carry the ship.

Therefore, scientists have come up with two ways to make objects break through the speed of light, one is warp engine technology, the other is wormhole shuttle. The warp speed engine can compress the space in front of the spaceship and expand the space behind the spaceship to form a space pressure difference to realize the light speed shuttle or superluminal shuttle. Wormhole shuttle is even more advanced. It directly breaks the space membrane and connects the two spaces through wormholes. As long as the spaceship passes through this door, it can reach the other side of the universe, and its speed is far faster than that of faster light.

Of course, it’s not so easy to realize the above two methods. As long as we completely solve the mystery of light, we can make a breakthrough in light speed. We are looking forward to this day.

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