The speed of mammal extinction is comparable to that of rocket ascent. The extinction of species may happen again 120000 years ago

There have been five mass extinctions on the earth from the past to the future, and the impact of each mass extinction on the earth is self-evident. In a word, few creatures can survive all the disasters safely.

Well, scientists have come up with an idea now. Maybe the sixth mass extinction on the earth is emerging, and we are experiencing it, but we don’t know it. Moreover, due to the further deterioration of the ecological environment, the mass extinction may still be accelerating. This is a warning for human beings.

For example, the world’s latest journal “progress in science” has published new news that scientists can guide human production, life and business activities through research, which will lead to the extinction of more deformities, such as some precious turtles and mammoths. At the same time, the most important thing for human beings, that is, mammals, has changed a lot.

So does it mean that all this is closely related to human beings, and does it mean that human beings will be extinct?

First of all, through the research data, we can know that the extinction of mammals is accelerating. At the same time, the extinction factors 126 000 years ago must have been a big part compared with now. It’s as fast as a rocket.

Worse still, the lethal byproduct of human survival is accelerating, and mammals will die more rapidly in the 22nd century. After all, human destruction of the earth has reached about 98%, while only about 60% from the perspective of climate change.

Before the end of last century, 350 species of mammals had been extinct. Now, scientists will think that after 2020 and before this century, 558 species of mammals will be extinct. Then we can know by calculation that the extinction rate of mammals at this time will be about 30000 times faster than that of 12600 years ago. Therefore, it means that if by 2100, mammals on earth will reach the critical point of the second extinction.

Therefore, from the above data and decision analysis, we must be alert to the sixth mass extinction on earth.

After all, since the second industrial revolution, 75% of the earth’s land and 66% of the marine ecosystem have been changed by human beings. If this situation continues to remain unchanged, then, human destruction of the earth will be 100%.

At the same time, according to the notice issued by the United Nations last year, there are about 8 million species in the world, one eighth of which are undergoing extinction. Many animals, in fact, were already extinct – for example, at the end of the Permian, 250 million years ago, 96% of the population had been destroyed. The Cretaceous, which is the closest to the present, also killed 76% of the population.

Great changes in the ecosystem are often reflected not only in the level of species extinction, but also in the extreme climate. For example, El Nino, a very irritating phenomenon, has also appeared in China this year – heavy rainfall, strong typhoons and so on. It is predicted that this year will be a very cold winter, so we should work together to protect the environment.

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