The spherical flying saucer appeared in Lijiang, Yunnan Province for 6 consecutive days, causing constant controversy!

In recent years, there are more and more news about UFOs. If we observe carefully, we can find that most UFOs seem to appear in the sky of European and American countries. Therefore, some conspiracy theorists think that UFOs are actually a fraud. These are actually secret weapons developed by developed countries. In fact, there was news of UFOs in China. Before that, the mysterious spherical flying saucer appeared in Lugu Lake in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, which caused a lot of controversy at that time.

Flying saucers in Lijiang, Yunnan

The first appearance of this mysterious spherical flying saucer was accompanied by a very strange sound. At that time, many eyewitnesses saw this phenomenon, and the strange sound was very harsh. The spherical unknown object circled in the sky, and also gave out a dazzling light. The local residents had never seen such a phenomenon, so some brave people also photographed it The video was posted on the Internet. Unlike previously seen UFO news, this disc-shaped sphere stayed in the air for as long as an hour, giving humans too much time to think.

According to the eyewitness’s description, the diameter of the spherical flying saucer is still very large, which is similar to the UFO phenomenon in the movie. Some astronomy enthusiasts also photographed the spherical flying saucer with telescopes. They found that although the surface of the spherical flying saucer is very smooth, the edges seem to be painted with complex patterns. This spherical flying saucer has a row in the middle showing a concave state. The light is emitted from this area, followed by the noisy sound, which is very disgusting. The unidentified object circled in the sky, moving about in an elliptical trajectory.

UFO in Lugu Lake

This is not the first time that unidentified objects have appeared near Lugu Lake. Since then, spherical unidentified objects have appeared in the low altitude of Lugu Lake for six consecutive days. This phenomenon has also aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some people think that aliens are targeting Lijiang in Yunnan, so they are carving out to monitor human beings? Of course, some scientists believe that these spherical flying saucers should be UAVs. However, with the current level of science and technology, it seems unreasonable for UAVs to be designed in such a structure and shape.

Up to now, the UFOs in Lijiang, Yunnan Province have disappeared in front of human eyes. All we can see is these residual images. Of course, it is not rigorous to identify the appearance of aliens through the image data. Over the years, there are more and more news about UFOs. Many people don’t think much of it after seeing such news. The scams again and again have also consumed human patience.

In fact, Xiaobian thinks that it’s very right for us to maintain this attitude. After all, no one has ever really seen aliens. Only the things explained by science are what we want to pursue. I don’t know what you think?

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