The star has experienced four abnormal light changes, and scientists speculate that there may be artifacts around it

The universe is vast, the earth is just a grain of sand, very small. Since the exploration of the universe, human beings have been looking for the existence of extraterrestrial civilization. Although we have not found any extraterrestrial life, scientists always believe that there are extraterrestrial civilizations in the universe, and the number may far exceed our imagination.

In order to find the evidence and direction of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, human beings not only launch voyager-1 and other detectors outside the solar system, but also decode these signals by receiving radio signals from the universe. In addition to these two ways of looking for extraterrestrial civilization, scientists also look for extraterrestrial civilization in another way, that is, looking for man-made things in the universe.

If there is really a powerful alien civilization that has entered the interstellar space somewhere in the universe, they will certainly build some man-made things in space. As soon as human beings have just stepped into the universe, they have launched many satellites, probes, space stations, etc. and if other alien civilizations have the ability to enter the space, they will certainly build man-made things to explore the universe.

However, due to the long distance, even if there are extraterrestrial civilizations building space stations, detectors, satellites and so on in space, we can’t find them. They are too few. If we want to observe man-made objects dozens of light years, or even hundreds of light years away, it must be very huge. The technology of extraterrestrial civilization that has the ability to build such man-made objects is far beyond the earth, and they have already made progress It is the advanced civilization in the universe.

In 1960, astronomer Freeman Dyson proposed the concept of “Dyson sphere”. The so-called “Dyson sphere” refers to the man-made buildings with a diameter of about 200 million kilometers, which are used to wrap the stars and exploit the energy of the stars. It’s a giant man-made object that is supposed to wrap the star and absorb the energy of the star for its civilized use.

We know that the development of a civilization can not do without energy. With the rapid development of civilization, the energy needed will be more and more huge. The energy of the local planet can not meet the needs of the development of a civilization. At this time, we need to look for all kinds of energy in the universe. There are many kinds of energy available in the universe, such as antimatter, black holes, stars and so on, but different energy needs are different The same level of civilization has the ability to exploit and use.

When a civilization develops into a stellar civilization, it is already a relatively powerful civilization in the universe. At this time, the demand for energy will be very large, and the mineral energy on the planet can not meet the demand at all, while the energy of stars in the universe is huge. Huge nuclear fusion is happening all the time in stars. A star is a huge energy ball. If this energy can be used, there will be inexhaustible energy.

Stellar civilization has come up with a way to absorb and utilize the energy of stars, that is to build a huge man-made structure to wrap the stars, so that man-made objects will always absorb the energy emitted by the stars, which is a bit similar to our human solar panels, but the stellar civilization has built a larger structure to absorb and store the energy of stars with this man-made structure In recent years, stellar civilization will no longer worry about energy.

After the concept of Dyson sphere was put forward, it was constantly interpreted by science fiction. Many science fiction writers also designed the construction scheme of Dyson sphere. When astronomers were looking for extraterrestrial civilization, they also used this idea to observe whether there was Dyson sphere by using the change of occultation luminosity, so as to judge whether there was a higher extraterrestrial civilization. With this idea of trying, scientists have actually found such a celestial body in the universe, which is the star named KIC 8462852.

This star, also known as Toby star, is an F-type main sequence star, located in the constellation Cygnus, 1480 light-years away from us. Its diameter is about 0.5 times larger than that of the sun, and its mass is about 1.43 times that of the sun. Astronomical observation found that its brightness will fluctuate abnormally, and it has regularity. The most significant darkening was 22%. Astronomers found it in March 2011 and March 2013 respectively through the “Lingxing method” The luminosity decreased in February 2015, April 2015 and may 2017.

This 22% reduction in brightness is a very large one in stars, and it is obviously not a very normal reduction. It is difficult for stars to achieve this natural reduction, which indicates that something blocks 22% of the light of tabby star, and it is not an ordinary thing. You know, if you want to block tabby star to reduce its brightness by 22%, even if the celestial bodies as big as Jupiter are arranged in a row, it is difficult It can’t be done.

Therefore, scientists suspect that this may be the phenomenon that the legendary Dyson ball blocked the light of the star. Scientists suspect that there may be a high-level civilization near the star, which has the ability to build giant objects such as Dyson ball to wrap the star. The strength of this high-level civilization is far more than that of human civilization, at least more than that of human civilization Advanced more than 1000 years.

Scientists have discovered this unusual star, and there is a high probability that the star system 1500 light-years away has a powerful advanced civilization, which is not a blessing or a curse for human beings. 1500 light-years is an unimaginable distance for human beings, but for an advanced civilization, it is possible to master the super speed of light technology. Once the civilized planet earth is discovered, will it be light What about the earth? Whether this civilization is friendly or malicious is unknown.

Of course, some people think that it may not be a Dyson sphere, or it may be that other huge celestial bodies block the light, but anyway, this stellar system has been highly concerned by scientists. With the rapid progress of human science and technology, when our observation equipment goes further, maybe we can have more understanding of this stellar system, and one day we will be able to learn more about it With the ability to travel faster than light, we can directly send spaceships to see what’s going on. If it’s really an alien civilization, maybe the two sides can have friendly cooperation and exchanges.

Guys, do you think there are advanced civilizations in this stellar system? Welcome to comment below to discuss and express your opinion.

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