The story shows that besides human beings, there are other advanced civilizations. There have been four generations of civilizations on the earth

The earth has a history of several billion years. Among the ancient historical relics discovered by human beings, there are many amazing things. There are all kinds of evidences to show that there were civilizations in ancient times on the earth, and these civilizations occurred more than once. People infer that there were four generations of civilizations on the earth before human beings. Although there is no concrete evidence, we can find the information and clues left by historical relics It can confirm this.

But what makes these civilizations disappear one by one? After modeling and analyzing a large number of data, scientists have come to many conclusions. It can be inferred that there have been several global disasters in the history of the earth.

These factors include the flood, comet impact on the earth and the ice age. These harsh living conditions will make the earth civilization disappear. The earliest civilization, gendaya civilization, appeared more than 900000 years ago, and the whole civilization lasted for tens of thousands of years. Finally, it continued to decline and disappeared in the long river of history.

It is said that people in the gandaya civilization all have three eyes. Now many of the strange patterns of the three eyes recorded in ancient times are from gandaya civilization. The third eye in gandaya civilization can predict the past and the future, and can also send out brain waves and conduct spiritual communication. This is a very magical thing. Although this civilization has not appeared for a long time, it still remains in our world There’s a trace of it. The fourth most famous thing in human history is the Maya civilization.

There are many relics left by this civilization. The most famous one is the Mayan Crystal Skull, which is a work of art made entirely of crystal. The whole skull has no sense of natural carving, as if it was formed naturally. There are a lot of records about the exquisite skills of the Mayan civilization in celestial phenomena and divination, and the high level of science and technology of the Mayan civilization. Many people think that this civilization is actually the product of the alien civilization. The first group of alien immigrants established this empire, but because of the impact of the comet, this civilization disappeared It’s lost.

Another kind of civilization remains is also well known, that is, the undersea Atlantis civilization. In fact, Atlantis civilization is a kind of land civilization, which has always been the mainstream higher wisdom civilization in science fiction. In the author’s works, this civilization has far exceeded the level of science and technology of the earth, and high-end transportation technology such as spaceships can be seen everywhere. Finally, due to the development of science and technology on the earth Born of the flood, Atlantis was deeply buried in the sea. Today’s human beings are exploring the ocean. From time to time, they find some strange ancient architectural relics, which are said to be left by the Atlantis civilization.

The latter civilization is muriath civilization, which is also the most controversial one, because people are not sure whether it really existed. Muriath civilization only exists in ancient books in history. It is said that the civilization of this era has the largest span. They regard bioenergy as the center of development. Some people speculate that human beings may be the survivors of muriath civilization. At that time, there was no doubt that muriath civilization could exist DNA has been discovered and human potential has been exploited and utilized to the maximum!

The last appearance of human civilization continues to today and forms human civilization on the earth. Whether or not those four civilizations really existed, the spirit of human exploration always exists. I believe all the secrets on our planet will be solved one by one. Let’s look forward to this day! What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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