The strange body found by chance may be the remains of mermaid, and it is more than 100 years old

As we all know, mermaid has always existed in ancient myths, and there are different opinions about whether it is a symbol of beauty or a monster of terror among the people. However, people have been pursuing the objective truth of whether the mermaid really exists, and they always keep a fresh feeling. When people are immersed in endless fantasy, the strange corpse that they accidentally found is possible after research and speculation It’s Mermaid remains, and it’s over 100 years old!

In the biological laboratory of Yale University in the United States, there are several corpses with human upper body and scaly tail lower body soaked in formalin. Even though there is little water left in the body, people can still see the similarities between the corpses and the image of the legendary Mermaid. So does the mermaid really exist?

There is such a record in the history of the American Museum of marine life: in the Pacific Ocean, we captured a tiger shark for specimen experiment, but when we opened its belly, we were surprised to find that there was a deformed human body in the belly of the tiger shark. Although the body had rotten to a certain extent, we could still clearly see that the remains had a tail, And covered with scales, 173 cm from head to tail. Finally, scientists found that the bones were more than 100 years old when there were signs of life.

However, folklore always stays at the moment when tiger shark is discovered. There is no definite answer to whether there is a mermaid. Scientists have been investigating Mermaid species for decades, and finally objective things have been confirmed.

Studies have found that there is a marine creature named dugong in the South Pacific Ocean. This creature is a mammal. After giving birth to a baby, its forelimb hugs the baby when it sucks. In order to prevent the baby from choking water when sucking, the mother’s head and chest come out of the water when it sucks. This has become the scene of ancient navigators mistaking Mermaid feeding.

However, many biologists are still optimistic about the existence of mermaid species. First, there is a certain historical basis. Before the emergence of large areas of the ocean, human ancestors will adapt to the ocean by virtue of their own genetic superiority. Second, human beings are too special, and only Homo sapiens is a species. Maybe human beings have not found it. Therefore, there are still voices in the scientific community that mermaid is a new species derived from the environmental changes of human ancestors in order to conquer the ocean itself.

The secret of the mermaid is gradually becoming clear with the passage of time. The strange corpse that was accidentally found is still kept in the museum. The secret of gene will also be revealed on the day when the mermaid really came out. So if the mermaid species really exist, what do you think the world will be like? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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