The stupidest marine creature in history can’t be extinct without resisting being eaten!

The stupidest marine creature in history can’t be extinct without resisting being eaten!

There is a very cruel law of survival in the great nature, the so-called natural selection, survival of the fittest, only the strong can be based in nature, the weak can only survive. The creatures at the top of the food chain are all the best in nature, with fierce habits and sensitive body methods, and extremely tenacious vitality. However, no matter how powerful creatures are, they are insignificant in front of human beings. Human beings have independent thinking brains. Sometimes they can make these animals return home with just a move of their brains. This is also the reason why human beings can stand at the top of the food chain.

There are many kinds of animals in nature, such as birds, mammals, reptiles and so on. Each animal has its own characteristics. Human beings usually distinguish animals according to their appearance and behavior. Many people have the impression that nature is in danger, and animals are very smart. They don’t know that there is one of the most stupid animals in the world, which is the Mola in the ocean. The stupidest marine creature in history can’t be extinct without resisting being eaten!

We all know that the ocean is vast, in which there are tens of thousands of creatures, these marine creatures are extremely fierce, there are large sharks, there are other small creatures. Mola is a special existence. This stumbling creature never worries about the risk of extinction. Despite its large size, its hunting ability is very weak, especially its response is extremely slow.

When a diver went to the bottom of the sea to shoot, he found that a Mola was being eaten by a sea lion. A small part of its body entered the belly of the sea lion. However, it didn’t react to any resistance. When the sea lion was full, it turned around in the same place. It was really stupid. Usually when the creatures were in danger, they would struggle with all their strength, but the Mola didn’t react at all No, even if the body is half eaten by the hunter, there is no response.

When the diver approached it, he found that the Mola was not dead, which showed that its vitality was extremely strong. Its gills were still beating its body, as if it could not feel any pain. Many people doubt the reason why the Mola is not extinct. Some people think that it has a very strong ability to lay eggs. A Mola can lay 300 million eggs. It is very rare that it has such a strong reproductive capacity. Even if it is eaten by other marine animals, it will not die immediately. Its vitality is one of the best in the ocean.

This kind of fish is stupid, but its reproductive capacity is amazing. Even if there are more creatures to eat it, it will not die out. It is also a blessing for stupid fish. In the whole marine world, it is a kind of relatively weak fish, but it is weak to weak, so many creatures can’t envy its tenacious vitality. As long as we study it carefully, we will find that there are too many unknown creatures in the ocean, which are worth digging. What do you think of molas? You can leave a message for interaction.

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