The “Sun Moon Boat” lost in Tutankhamun’s tomb appeared 50 years later. It is said that it can go to another world!

Mummy is one of the symbols of ancient Egyptian culture. In ancient Egyptian culture, if a mummy is made after death, it can continue the next reincarnation if the body remains intact. So scientists can better study ancient Egyptian culture through mummies. Speaking of the most famous ancient tomb in the world, we have to say that Tutankhamun’s tomb. Since scientists discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb, there are a lot of unsolved mysteries. In fact, a treasure was lost in Tutankhamun’s mausoleum. Scientists have been searching for it for more than 50 years. What is it?

According to the exploration of scientists, Tutankhamun’s mausoleum has been more than 3000 years old. Tutankhamun died at the age of 19, and the curse of Tutankhamun has been spreading all the time. When scientists first discovered Tutankhamun’s mausoleum, they engraved a sentence like this: “if someone disturb the sleep of the Pharaoh, they will be cursed.”. Naturally, scientists don’t believe in curse. It was this discovery that opened the veil of the Millennium tomb. When scientists entered the tomb, they found that there were countless treasures in the tomb.

The ship of the sun and the moon

It took a long time for scientists to clean up these treasures. After cleaning up, they found that the most important thing in the mausoleum was missing, which was the ship of the sun and the moon. After the death of the Pharaoh, the soul will not die out, so it will go to the kingdom of heaven. The tool to go to the kingdom of heaven is the ship of the sun and the moon. In 1954, scientists found a hole on the west side of the pyramid. In the hole, they found two wooden boats. After splicing, they found that the length of the two wooden boats reached more than 40 meters. This is the legendary ship of the sun and the moon.

So when scientists found Tutankhamun’s mausoleum, they were also looking for the ship of the sun and moon, but they searched the whole mausoleum and found no trace. But scientists have not given up on the search for so many years, and finally got a new clue in 2019. When scientists discovered Tutankhamun’s mausoleum, they donated the treasures to the museum. There was a fire in the museum. At that time, in order to facilitate the transfer, the staff merged two boxes of cultural relics into one box, in which the wooden board was inside.

It turns out that the cultural relics that scientists have been searching for have not been lost, but have been preserved in a corner, which seems to have been forgotten. In this way, the archaeological work of scientists is also very strict. If there is a problem in one link, it will also affect the progress of the whole work.

I believe that through the study of these cultural relics, scientists can also lead us to a better understanding of ancient Egyptian culture. We know that there are still many unsolved mysteries in foreign countries and cultures. In fact, these unsolved mysteries also represent the infinite wisdom of human beings. What do you think?

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