The suspected appearance of “human face” on the surface of Mars has caused constant controversy. Is there life on Mars?

Since 2020, many countries have put the Exploration Center on Mars. All along, human beings are full of curiosity about Mars. Of course, no one can land on Mars. Our understanding of Mars also comes from NASA’s curiosity probe. Curiosity will not only collect and analyze Martian soil samples, but also take a large number of Martian photos for human beings. After scientists select these photos, they will be sent to the Internet for human reference.

There are too many pictures of Mars taken by curiosity. Some of them have also attracted the attention of UFO hunters. Many conspiracy theorists believe that through this picture, they can find evidence of life on Mars. The most famous UFO hunter is Scott welling. His daily work is to search for all kinds of Mars and UFO photos from the website, trying to find evidence of the existence of aliens. Although some of his remarks are really flawed in our opinion, they still attract a large number of supporters.

Face on Mars

Scott welling found traces of suspected life on Mars in a large number of Mars photos. He believed that there were many strange rocks in the Mars photos released by NASA, and traces of life appeared near these rocks. They pointed out that a human face appeared beside a rock mound, and the facial contour was very obvious, just like a human woman Children. Although Scott willing has made a promise, it is too arbitrary to confirm that there is life on Mars only through the photos. In fact, there is nothing special in this photo. UFO hunters themselves claim that there are many strange stones on Mars. Maybe this face is just a stone similar to human beings.

Scientists have always insisted on the view that life will not appear in the current Martian environment. Perhaps billions of years ago, the environment on Mars was peaceful and quiet. At that time, Mars was also full of vitality. It was only in the evolution of so many years that the natural world gradually separated from the habitable zone that it became the bad planet today.

Is there life on Mars?

Although there are traces of human face or human bone in many Mars photos, these things are basically rocks on Mars. When people see these strange rocks, they will always associate with life first. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this. Scientists believe that this is actually caused by a kind of illusory optical illusion.

We can also see this phenomenon in our life. When we see some sockets or handbags, their shape is like a human face. When people see some strange things, the first thing they think of is human face, which is actually caused by evolution. If you want to study and solve the secrets of Mars, you have to wait for the results of tianwen-1 and willpower. What do you think?

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