The suspected discovery of dinosaur corpses is not in a petrified state, and it is a reality that the flesh will not decay for ten thousand years?

Dinosaurs once dominated the blue planet. They ruled the earth for 160 million years, but they suddenly disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous. This problem has become a permanent topic for paleontologists. It’s such a mysterious and well-known species that people are awed when they see fossils. In recent years, a dinosaur body has been suspected to have been found in India!

The body was found in the Himalayas on the Sino Indian border. The low temperature environment there also provides an excellent opportunity for the corpse not to decay. This corpse has short forepaws and muscular hind legs, which is strikingly similar to the characteristics of prehistoric dinosaurs. The balanced tail and wide jaw are similar to theropod dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus Rex). It has to be said that the excavation of this “dinosaur” corpse is of great significance to the paleontology circle!

The excavation site was found in the foundation of a 35 year old abandoned electrical station site. The excavation work is relatively difficult. Paleontologist Kumar also wrote in his memoir: there are many difficulties in the excavation process of this corpse. We try to look around to see if there are other relics, because this corpse is too weird. It looks like a bipedal carnivore Dinosaur suborder, but how is such a complete body preserved? Is chemical solvent just a low temperature environment? How to judge, we have to wait for the result.

His doubts are not without reason, because the corpse is only 28cm, which is far from the image of dinosaurs in people’s minds. This has also caused experts’ disagreement. First, dinosaurs have been extinct for nearly 70 million years, and there is no possibility of the existence of flesh. Second, the reason for short stature is that in the age of the jungle, it is easier to die out ahead of time. Therefore, it is believed that this bone may be a malformed fetus of mammal ancestors of mice or goats. And after this “body” was unearthed, a dinosaur remains was also unearthed in Canada. What’s more amazing is that the last meal was found in the stomach of the remains! Some food residues and prehistoric plant tissue fragments.

In a word, the excavation of this “dinosaur” remains is an important discovery for Archaeology and paleontology. Carbon dating technology and DNA prehistoric restoration technology are also in full swing to detect the corpses. If the exploration is successful, not only the scene in Jurassic Park will become a reality, but also the biotechnology will be greatly improved. If dinosaurs really come back to life in the future, what’s your opinion? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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