The temperature in the Arctic Circle is as high as 30 ℃, and there have been more than 10 forest fires in the Arctic

In fact, the Arctic Circle is an imaginary circle, which is the dividing line between the northern cold zone and the northern temperate zone. The continental part of the Arctic Circle includes Greenland, the Nordic countries, northern Russia, northern Alaska and northern Canada. There are many islands in the Arctic Circle, the largest of which is Greenland. Due to the short sunshine time and small solar height in the Arctic Circle, it is very cold all year round. Due to the severe cold, there are relatively few species in the Arctic circle. Lichen and moss are the main plants, trees are rare, and animals include polar bear, seal, whale, etc. There are huge reserves of resources in the Arctic circle. According to a public report, the Arctic circle has about 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves and 30% of the world’s undiscovered natural gas reserves. Because there are so many resources in the Arctic Circle, many countries have been exploring and competing for their reserves, which makes environmentalists very worried about it

In recent years, the weather forecast often issues high temperature warning in summer. Even places like the Arctic Circle, which are extremely cold all the year round, have experienced rare high temperatures. At the same time in the past, the average temperature in the Arctic circle was only 10 degrees centigrade. However, the high temperature in the Arctic circle has now reached 32 degrees centigrade. The continuous extreme high temperature weather invades the northern hemisphere. The extreme high temperature makes forest fires occur frequently. Forest fires occur frequently, and the combustion produces carbon dioxide, which makes the situation of global warming more serious. Due to the high temperature melting of iceberg, the range of activities of polar bear and the living place of human beings continue to overlap. Without taking measures, it is easy for polar bear to attack human beings. Glaciers melt, forest fires occur frequently, and high temperature warnings are issued all over the world. The reason for all this is that environmental deterioration leads to global warming.

Melting glaciers not only affect polar bears and other creatures, but also exacerbate sea-level rise. Sea level rise will reduce the coastal land area, and the land in the coastal area will be constantly engulfed by the sea. First of all, some island countries are threatened. Some scientists predict that as long as the sea level rises another meter or so, some islands may disappear on the earth. Sea level rise will also aggravate coastal erosion, but also make the coastal area tidal surge, serious waves are likely to destroy dams, villages, cities.

The threat to the living environment of animals in the Arctic Circle is to remind human beings that we have no way to solve the threat brought by these crises, but what we have to do is to delay these threats and strive for time to solve the problems as much as possible. Everyone of us should put environmental protection into action. There are many things we can do: garbage sorting, waste avoidance, energy conservation and emission reduction as far as possible, reducing the use of disposable consumables and carbon emissions. Do these not only for the earth, but also to save ourselves!

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