The temperature of soap bubble bursting is higher than that of the sun. Why can’t people be scalded when touching it?

When the soap bubble burst, the temperature was as high as 20000 degrees. Why can’t human beings perceive it?

The most taboo thing in life is scald. Scald not only makes people suffer, but also leaves indelible scars. The boiling point of water is 100 degrees, the average temperature of the oven is 230 degrees, and the volcanic eruption is maintained at about 1000 degrees. The temperature of these objects is very high. Once contacted, unexpected results will happen. To say that the world’s hottest object, many people will think of the sun’s surface temperature, once reached 5700 degrees, it is estimated that any object touched, will instantly turn into ash.

People’s normal temperature is 37 degrees centigrade, generally more than 60 degrees of water, pour on the person is also very easy to burn, not to mention hundreds of thousands of degrees of high temperature. In fact, there is a common object in life, even higher than the surface temperature of the sun. It is soap bubble. Many people are puzzled. How could soap bubble have such a high temperature? In our eyes, it can be broken at a touch, seemingly insignificant, but it can emit great power. When the soap bubble burst, the temperature was as high as 20000 degrees. Why can’t human beings perceive it?

What is the principle of soap bubbles?

There are many ways to make soap bubbles. Sometimes when detergent and washing powder are used, bubbles can be produced. What we don’t know is that when it is broken, the temperature can reach 20000 degrees. Since its temperature is so high, why don’t we get burned when we touch it? This involves the principle of temperature, which refers to the intensity of the movement of matter molecules. Temperature does not represent heat. The reason why the sun has such a high temperature is that it carries out nuclear fusion all the time and releases energy to the surface to form high temperature.

Soap bubbles are not the same. They need to be formed under ultrasonic waves. When the molecular and atomic space of the bubbles shrinks, high-energy particles will be born. At the moment when the bubbles break, the temperature released will also rise. Human beings can’t feel the temperature of soap bubbles because its temperature is difficult to maintain like the sun. Only in a moment can it reach 20000 degrees. That’s OK In a flash, they return to their original temperature.

Why can’t humans be scalded by soap bubbles?

When humans touch soap bubbles, the high temperature of nerve endings has disappeared before they react. Therefore, we have not been scalded by soap bubbles several times. The high temperature of soap bubbles can only prove that it does not produce corresponding heat in the process of molecular movement and violent movement in a short time. Therefore, no matter how high the temperature is, we will not be scalded by soap bubbles.

Many seemingly insignificant objects in life contain amazing secrets. No one thought that a small soap bubble would produce such a high temperature. It’s really a long experience. However, it’s a strange thing that human beings have no consciousness despite its high temperature. This is the secret hidden by soap bubbles. The high temperature of 20000 degrees Celsius will not scald people. It’s also its magic. So don’t ignore a small object in life. They are very valuable for research. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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