The temperature of space reaches minus 270 degrees centigrade. Why does the sun get warmer when it reaches the earth?

The earth is a beautiful planet of life and the home where human beings have lived for millions of years. The reason why the earth can become a planet of life is directly related to the temperature that the sun brings to the earth. Without the appropriate temperature, the earth can not become a planet of life and there will be no birth of human beings. Therefore, in a sense, the sun is the mother of all life on the earth.

The sun is a star, located in the center of the solar system, it is very powerful, its own temperature is terrible. Maybe in the view of many people, the earth is so far away from the sun, and it can still have the current temperature. So does the solar system outside the earth have a higher temperature, just like the earth?

I believe that before human beings go out of the earth and have no knowledge of the universe, many people will think that the world outside the earth is also a relatively high temperature world, because there is a huge sun fireball. However, with the help of science and technology, human beings really walked out of the earth, and then we realized that the past cognition was totally wrong. The world outside the earth was not warm at all, but rather very cold, so cold that we were afraid.

Scientists put forward the lowest temperature of absolute zero for the extreme low temperature, which is 273.15 degrees below zero. This is an extreme temperature that can only be infinitely approached but cannot be reached. And the temperature of the background radiation in space is as low as – 270 degrees Celsius, which is a low temperature close to absolute zero. When people really realize the ultra-low temperature of space, they are lost. Why is it that the earth has a suitable temperature under the sunlight, while the space directly exposed to the sun is so cold?

I believe many people have such doubts. What’s the matter? In fact, to understand this problem, we must first understand the nature of temperature change. It’s hard to understand why the universe is so cold and the earth has a good temperature before we understand the nature of temperature. Until scientists really understand the nature of temperature, all these mysteries will be solved.

What is the essence of temperature? I believe many people now understand that it is actually the thermal motion of molecules. If you go into the micro world, you will find that molecules and other particles are in a state of motion. When their thermal motion is more and more intense, the temperature of the object is higher and higher, otherwise, the temperature is lower and lower.

When the motion of the molecule stops completely, the temperature of the object reaches the limit, which is absolute zero. But in fact, we all know that there are no completely static molecules. They are always in motion, so absolute zero is only a theoretical lower limit. Like the speed of light, it can only be infinitely close and can not be reached.

After understanding the essence of temperature change, we also understand that the carrier is needed to reflect the temperature. From the macro point of view, the carrier is all kinds of objects, while from the micro point of view, it is all kinds of particles. Only the existence of a large number of particles can make the temperature of space rise continuously. If there are very few particles in a space, the thermal motion of molecules will be very weak and the temperature will be very low.

With this in mind, let’s go back to space temperature. Space is an environment infinitely close to vacuum, in which there are very few particles. According to scientists’ research, in interstellar space, there are only about 0.26 atoms per cubic centimeter of space, while in the earth’s sea level, there are about 5.37×10 ^ 19 atoms per cubic centimeter of air. It’s a huge gap, so it’s right to call space a vacuum.

Because the distribution of various high-energy particles in space is too rare, there are not enough particles for thermal motion, so when the solar photon radiation starts from the sun and radiates to the whole solar system, the temperature can not be shown. The temperature of natural space is very low. But when the sun reaches the earth from space, the situation is completely different.

The earth is a space full of all kinds of particles. The density of particles increases greatly from the atmosphere. Therefore, when sunlight first reaches the atmosphere, it will heat with the particles in the atmosphere, and the temperature will continue to rise. After the temperature of the atmosphere rises, it radiates to the ground, making the temperature of the whole earth rise continuously.

Therefore, the atmosphere plays an important role in the performance of the whole temperature. The thick atmosphere is like a huge sponge, which allows the sun photons to come in. After these photons pass through the atmosphere and enter the ground, when the night comes, the heat absorbed by the ground will be reflected and partially absorbed and reflected by the atmosphere. Therefore, the atmosphere plays an important role in the whole process of temperature change.

In addition to the atmosphere, there is another important contribution to the earth’s current suitable temperature, which is the ocean. The ocean area on the earth’s surface accounts for 71% of the global area, and the ocean plays a second role in the whole greenhouse effect next to the atmosphere. It can effectively absorb the heat of the sun, and then store it, so the ocean is a very important temperature carrier.

It is the vast ocean that regulates the temperature of the earth so that it can maintain a more appropriate state. Of course, this is the earth’s natural ecological regulation under the normal state, but with the rapid development of a large number of industries in the era of science and technology, the earth’s greenhouse effect is becoming more and more serious, and it is developing out of control.

As we all know, the most important substance that can cause the greenhouse effect is carbon dioxide, which is normally provided by a large number of plants. However, with the rapid development of industry, more and more carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases are produced, which leads to higher and higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, more and more serious greenhouse effect, and higher and higher temperature of the earth.

The side effects of the rising global temperature are very serious. Maybe what we feel now is that the weather is too hot for us to bear. But as time goes on, when the temperature of the earth rises to a critical point, the real ecosystem will come. At that time, the global ice and snow will melt, the sea level will rise by more than 50 meters, and a large number of land will be continuously flooded.

At the same time, the frozen permafrost that has been frozen for tens of millions of years will also recover, and various ancient bacteria and viruses in different times will also slowly recover. Only then will the real terrible crisis come. And the rising global temperature, there is also a place that scientists are very worried about, that is 234 million years ago, the arrival of continuous and long rainfall.

According to a large number of geological explorations by scientists, 234 million years ago, the earth experienced a continuous rainfall lasting for millions of years. In that long rain, more than 90% of the earth’s organisms went extinct. The main reason for such a long rain was that the earth’s temperature rose sharply at that time, resulting in a large amount of seawater evaporating into the atmosphere. Later, the earth’s temperature dropped, and a large amount of water vapor in the atmosphere fell, opening an extinction.

If the earth’s temperature can not be controlled and continues to rise, it is possible that a large amount of seawater will also evaporate into the atmosphere in the future. When the time comes, it is possible that the earth will have another world-wide heavy rain. At that time, the earth will once again usher in the crisis of mass extinction.

Thus, for a planet with abundant surface liquid water resources, too high temperature is not a good thing. Of course, it is not an easy task to solve the problem of the earth’s rising temperature. It requires not only the whole people to have a strong sense of environmental protection and no longer damage the earth, but also more advanced and advanced technologies. As long as science and technology develop to a certain extent, with the technology that can absorb and purify atmospheric carbon dioxide, we can effectively solve the problem of rising Earth temperature. Unfortunately, there is no such technology now, and we need to continue to work hard.

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