The temperature of the sun is so high, why is this detector OK? The reason may be related to it!

The sun is one of the earth’s closest friends, and its activities are closely related to the earth’s environment. We can enjoy the distinct changes of the four seasons, thanks to the sun. But the sun is not immortal. Scientists predict that the solar activity may reach the minimum in 2030, but its energy still can not be underestimated. In 2018, mankind launched a solar probe, but no astronaut dared to get close to the sun. How did this satellite do it?

Parker solar detector

This probe was launched by NASA in 2018. It’s called the Parker solar probe. In order to solve the mystery of the sun and better grasp its every move, Parker was born. As we all know, many satellites dare not get close to the sun. In 1976, Apollo 2 reached 42.73 million kilometers on the surface of the sun, which refreshed our understanding. Now Parker has already broken its record and become the nearest satellite to the sun.

It can be said that the achievements of the Parker probe are beyond the reach of many astronauts. The average temperature of the sun’s surface can reach 5500 degrees Celsius, not to mention its center. Over the years, we never dare to get close to the sun. Many satellites are baked when they get close to it. What magic power does Parker have to ignore the sun?

Materials used by Parker

So we have to talk about the materials used in the Parker detector. Parker detector itself is to detect the sun came into being, so when scientists build it, they use carbon composite materials with a thickness of 11.4cm. The thickness of the heat shield can ensure the temperature isolation between the detector and the sun to the greatest extent. Even in the high temperature environment of 1400 ℃, it can be well controlled.

Parker can control the temperature independently

In addition to the thick heat shield, the scientists also set up temperature sensors and various autonomous control software on the detector. This means that when the detector reaches around the sun, it can sensitively sense the temperature near the sun, and control its own temperature through environmental changes, which can ensure that the distance between the detector and the sun is very safe to the greatest extent. It can be said that scientists have made a lot of progress in Parker detector. Although he did not stay in the air for a long time, he made a great contribution to our understanding of the sun and mastering solar activities.

The wisdom of human beings is infinite. In the process of exploring the universe, we will always face many difficulties and obstacles. However, human beings have solved them one by one through their own strength. Once we thought the sun was out of reach, but it is a kind of progress that we can create the Parker detector. Xiaobian believes that with the progress of the times and the continuous growth of R & D forces, our understanding of the sun will be more comprehensive and our pace towards it will be closer and closer. What do you want to say about this satellite?

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