The ten most enviable strange diseases are both punishment and preferential treatment

Many diseases make people miserable, but some rare strange diseases make people flocking. Ten enviable strange diseases, strange and unique, envy and fear.

1. Trichiasis

Patients with double eyelid have double eyelashes or multiple eyelashes. They look like a lot of mascara, which makes women look beautiful. The disease usually does very little damage to the eyes and does not affect normal life, but it does not seem to need any mascara to be enviable.

2. Heterochromic pupil

Heterochromic pupil is heterochromia of iris. The iris color of two eyes is different, just like the Persian cat with heterochromic pupil. Although it looks different, but it is very distinctive, pupil color is very beautiful, people are very envious. Especially when foreigners have this symptom, it’s icing on the cake.

3. Perspective eye

Perspective eye will make regret turn white, but you can see the thickness of steel and slate and so on. With such magical eyes, you can definitely become an elite in a certain field. It just looks special.

4. Long diamond under toenail

There used to be a woman in Malaysia who could grow colorful crystal stones under her toenails. Some people wanted to buy these expensive crystal stones. You don’t have to do anything to make money with your toenails. It’s really a winner in life, but it’s said that the process of growing diamonds is extremely painful.

5. Painless disease

Painless disease is because the pain nerves are greatly hindered, nothing can feel pain. This makes many people very envious, no longer worried about injury. However, it also has a great danger, because they can’t feel pain when they have a disease, so they need regular physical examination, even high fever is easy to die.

6. Fat redistribution

The main manifestations are fat transfer, loss or excessive accumulation of fat from some parts of the body, eating dry but not fat, or partial plumpness.

7. Warrior disease

The disease does not feel cold, ice and snow days are fearless, suitable for low temperature work.

8. Scholar syndrome

Seemingly unable to socialize with people, autism is a typical feature. But in a certain field, he has super learning and cognitive ability, which can be called genius. Ordinary people can not easily learn to understand the subject, can easily grasp the relevant knowledge.

9. Phobia disorder

Patients with mucocutaneous lipoidosis have no fear, and they are very calm in the face of fear.

10. Hypermnesia

The memory is amazing. I can remember every word in my diary decades ago. There is no doubt that I am a good Xueba. There is no doubt that the top ten enviable diseases are the first.

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