The terracotta warriors and horses have been banned from public exhibition, so far only three times. Why is he the only one special?

Terracotta warriors and horses, as a precious historical relic, I believe many people who like to travel have seen them. For those who don’t have the chance to see them with their own eyes, they often see images and pictures in the media. In our impression, the terracotta warriors and horses are all “defenders” of the Qinling mausoleum with earthy yellow body and vivid appearance. In fact, there is a unique terracotta warriors and horses, because Special, he has only been shown three times, so what is his identity and what is special about him?

This terracotta warriors and horses was unearthed in pit No.2 of the terracotta warriors and horses in 1999. It is a kneeling and shooting terracotta warriors and horses, numbered 001001. When it was first unearthed, it was no different from an ordinary terracotta warriors and horses. When people carefully cleaned up the soil on its body, they found that the face of this kneeling and shooting terracotta warriors and horses was painted with green paint, while the face of other terracotta warriors and horses was painted with flesh red except pink . In fact, the terracotta warriors and horses were all painted at the beginning of excavation, but at the beginning of excavation, archaeologists were not very good at keeping the color. As a result, most of the terracotta warriors and horses we see now are gray, but this green faced terracotta is unique.

The appearance of the green face kneeling figurine has led experts to make a lot of guesses. Some people think that it was a deliberate joke made by the craftsman, or that the craftsman mixed the wrong paint. Those who oppose this view think that the criminal law at that time was so strict that it was impossible for the craftsman to make a mistake intentionally or unintentionally and make a joke about his own life. So does the green face symbolize that he imitates a special person at that time? There is also a speculation that there was a Nuo (Nuo รณ) person in the ancient army, who was specially responsible for driving away diseases and evils. They were often ugly. In modern Nuo opera performances, the performers wore blue masks of terror. Of course, this guess is not appropriate. Although the face of the green face kneeling shooting figurine is light green, its appearance is not ugly, and it is impossible to confirm that he is a Nuo man. Some people speculate that his pigments have undergone chemical reactions after so many years, and chemical reactions have taken place. It seems that this “person” is not reasonable.

Although there is no sufficient reason to explain the green face Figurine, it is indeed a very special one among the many terracotta warriors and horses that have been unearthed. At present, it has been well protected, rarely exhibited, and even forbidden to be taken out of foreign exhibitions. And if one day all the other pits are excavated, maybe the mystery of green face figurines will be solved easily.

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