The thawing of Arctic frozen soil is accelerating, and scientists have found that microorganisms that existed 400000 years ago are still active!

Today’s earth environment is facing a severe situation, even if many people deny that global climate change, but also can not deny the fact of global warming. Since the year 2020, scientists have repeatedly warned mankind that the harm caused by sea level rise is needless to say, but it is not the most serious. As the temperature rises, the Arctic permafrost seems to have opened Pandora’s box, releasing many unknown secrets.

Microbes discovered by scientists

According to foreign media reports on November 24, American scientists have made a major discovery after exploring the Arctic. They believe that after the thawing of the Arctic frozen soil, many ancient microorganisms appeared, and these microorganisms still have activity, which seems to be regenerating. The incident spread to the Internet and caused heated discussion among netizens. According to our understanding, it has been 400000 years since these ancient microorganisms were discovered by American scientists. Unexpectedly, after several 100000 years of evolution, these microorganisms still have activity.

Scientists are worried that perhaps these microbes are unknown viruses and bacteria in the scientific community. There are many vectors that these viruses and bacteria parasitize. Lost mammoths and fallen airplanes may carry ancient viruses and bacteria. Scientists once unearthed a 300 year old mummy, in which a trace of smallpox virus was detected. Now that the temperature is rising, if the Arctic permafrost melts completely, these ancient viruses are likely to be like demons.

Hazards of thawing of permafrost

In fact, this is not the first time that scientists have discovered ancient viruses and bacteria. In 2016, an outbreak of anthrax killed a child and indirectly killed 200000 reindeer. The reason for this situation is that the viruses released from the permafrost layer have gradually emerged and posed a threat to the survival of human beings.

According to the data of scientists, the proportion of permafrost accounts for 20% of the current land area. Perhaps with the continuous melting of permafrost, other ancient microorganisms will slowly appear. In addition to these viruses and bacteria, there is also a lot of methane and carbon dioxide buried in the permafrost. Scientists predict that by 2100, the carbon dioxide released from the Arctic permafrost may be as high as 41%.

If human beings do not control the speed of global warming and let it go, then in the future, the Arctic is likely to disappear from the earth plate. In the future, there is still no definite direction for human beings, so we should establish the awareness of environmental protection from now on. Only when the earth’s environment becomes better, can human civilization continue.

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