The three most intolerable points of ancient concubines serving emperors! One of them is the silence

In ancient China, a man could have three wives and four concubines, so it is not uncommon for a rich family to marry several wives. This is especially true for the emperor. People always say that the harem has three thousand beauties. Although it sounds exaggerated, it actually reflects the social situation at that time. Many poor people’s children are proud of being married to the Imperial Palace all their lives. After all, they have the opportunity to serve the emperor and change their destiny.

After entering the palace, it is not so easy to get the opportunity to meet the emperor. After all, there are so many concubines in the harem. In order to make the Royal offspring better, they will choose excellent concubines. Of course, most ordinary concubines do not have this opportunity.

According to historical records, there were tens of thousands of concubines in the imperial palace. It was even more difficult for them to serve the emperor. So the fate of these concubines was also very tragic.

In addition, the concubines had to abide by some rules when they served the emperor. In addition to silence, they had to endure these three points. The first point was to endure the bystanders.

In ancient times, to ensure the safety of the emperor, every corner of the palace was guarded by eunuchs. When the emperor had sex with his concubines, there was a eunuch standing nearby. After all, if something happened to the emperor in the process, they could not bear such a heavy responsibility.

The second is to endure the emperor’s departure, because in ancient China, there was a time limit for the emperor to favor his concubines. After all, for the emperor, it was a very dangerous thing for the emperor to stay outside the Shengong compound as a man.

The emperor’s concubines were numerous, and they all hoped that the emperor would stay with them for the night, but the eunuchs waiting at the last moment would propose to the emperor to return to the palace, and many emperors would choose to follow the eunuchs to avoid losing their reputation.

The third is the cruelest, that is, to endure the fate of dying alone. There are a large number of concubines, but only a few of them are lucky enough to have the chance to approach the emperor. More concubines can’t have the chance to see the emperor or marry others all their lives, and finally fall into a miserable fate.

But for those poor women in ancient times, it was a way to change their way of life. After all, they could at least ensure that they did not worry about food and clothing. This is why many people are willing to take the initiative to enter the palace.

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