The three notorious inventions, driven by human interests, have now become “tools to harm people”!

The three notorious inventions, driven by human interests, have now become “tools to harm people”!

Before the maturity of human civilization, there were too many experiences, not only to solve the problem of food and clothing, but also to gradually adapt to the environment. Everyone had a time of poverty. Some people complained blindly and lost confidence, but some people survived one by one, because they wanted to have a better life. Driven by this force, they should learn to innovate. The most outstanding human brain is full of wisdom. It can not only think about problems, but also send out instructions and create products through the brain. Fortunately, human beings have not given up on themselves.

Nowadays, the rapid progress of science and technology has led to the development of human civilization. No matter the way of travel or the standard of living, there have been obvious changes. Many inventions, such as airplanes and electric lights, have benefited future generations. They all come from those great scientists. Unfortunately, three great inventions have been biased. Some people are so driven by their interests that they do some radical actions. What are the three kinds of inventions? The three notorious inventions, driven by human interests, have now become “tools to harm people”!

Three inventions that are harming Society

First, opium. Everyone has heard of the Opium War. Early opium was a kind of medicinal material. Although it can’t cure all kinds of diseases, it has analgesic effect. Before the birth of narcotic drugs, doctors would choose to use opium to relieve pain. However, opium is easy to be addicted because it is just like poppy. At that time, in order to make huge profits, the British would pour millions of tons of opium into China every year. The Chinese were addicted to opium, which led to the fragmentation of many families.

The second invention was radium, which came from Madame Curie. It was a radioactive element. It can kill cells, bacteria and so on. It is destructive to a certain extent. It was once used in the field of medicine. I don’t know when it was gradually deviated by people. Its characteristics were abused and used to make nuclear weapons, atomic bombs and so on. It brought endless disasters. The power of an atomic bomb can blow up areas into ruins. Originally, its original intention was good, but it was destroyed by those people with bad intentions.

The last invention is melamine. It is used as fertilizer to promote the growth of crops. Because it contains a lot of nitrogen inside, and the cost is low, it is favored by everyone. In 2008, a Sanlu milk powder incident happened. Someone added melamine to the milk powder, resulting in many babies becoming “big head babies”, which affected the development of children. In serious cases, they directly lost their lives and eventually became a killing tool hated by everyone.

The emergence of these three great inventions, which are supposed to benefit mankind and promote the development of society, has been gradually biased by people, and many people have died here. Whether opium or melamine, they have already become the mastermind threatening human health. This is something the inventors never thought of. If used properly, opium can be used as a good painkiller, melamine can be used as the best fertilizer raw material, and radium can be used to treat cancer. Unfortunately, there is no if. Besides these three inventions, you know which ones are not used in the right way. You can leave a message for interaction.

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